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Marko Marin – Will Benitez have a look at the German Messi?

Tough times at Chelsea Football Club, as the frosty weather at Cobham does nothing to turn around the atmosphere. The players look dulled out and confused. The coaching staff have to rely on experience to fit in to the new methods as a once hated man, Rafael Benitez, comes into the fray.
Despite Chelsea standing 3rd in their domestic league and having a bleak chance of breaking into the Round of 16 in the Champions League, a certain player who was destined to step up, never got a chance. Atleast not under Roberto Di Matteo.
Benitez has made it clear that he will work with the players he has until January and then maybe look into the options available to him. Marin has been patient so far while the Mata, Hazard and Oscar have all been given their opportunities to shine.In my opinion, there is a very strong chance that Marin will star against City. Benitez has had enough off time to look at all the players and has even praised them while being a pundit. Marin though, remains an exception.

Rafa is the kind off manager who will first asses the players, before making a decision on who will feature in his starting lineup. As has been said before, he prefers the 4-2-3-1, which can work really well with Chelsea who have been comfortable with it. Moreover his defensive approach is his strongest side, and that could just save our season.

Our talking point though, revolves around Marko Marin. He can play on either wings and is equally capable in the No.10 role. Ozil’s departure from Werder Bremen, forced the manager at the time to shift Marin right behind the striker. He wasn’t that lethal as he was in the wings but he soon grew used to the AMF role, being very creative . Injury had restricted his appearances at that time, but with Chelsea’s tactical approach under Di Matteo, he would have flourished.

A system where there are 3 creative midfielders behind a lone striker who plays false 9 is very very rare and at this point of time Mata , Oscar, Hazard and Marin are one of the most versatile and adaptable players in football, who can easily fit into the formation. The drifting wide and coming back to the center can be suited to Marin’s play.

Though its hard to figure out what Benitez will do at Chelsea, I firmly believe that he will stick with what Di Matteo did, and at the same time, improve upon the embarrassing defensive conditions. Bright times ahead, keep hope and believe.

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Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry), Deputy Editor

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