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Massacre at Manchester, yet crisis is at Chelsea!


It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last time we are going to be experiencing this sort of biased treatment by the media. Heck, we are to be blamed as we have not yet adapted ourselves to their habits! Yes, you guessed it right; I am talking about the constant negative scrutiny that Chelsea have had to face time after time. It is like a magnifying glass that is hanging over us, constantly highlighting every activity that goes on at our club, how I wish it would highlight our better part too.

This week again the talk of the papers were not how Chelsea managed to win their derby 2-0, but the remarks from Jamie Redknapp and Ruud Gullit formed the highlighted story of the weekend. As much as I agree to either one’s comments about Mata, it really isn’t something that has to be the topic of discussion week after week. It doesn’t help our club, hell, it invites unwanted ideas into our players heads. Chelsea lost to Everton, lost to Basel? Oh, Chelsea is in a crisis? Hell no! We do not care about your over exaggerations! Like Mourinho said, crisis is at Syria, not at Chelsea.

It is not just about this past week, remember the spectacular way we won the Champions League? Ofcourse you do! We remember it for the bravery and the never say die attitude of our players. Well what does the world remember? ‘The Worst Champions Of Europe!’ How are we the worst Champions of Europe? Inter Milan applied the same damn ideas a couple of seasons ago, and they were applauded, and suddenly our playing style is described as negative and labeled THE CHELSEA BUS? It is an argument that you cannot win, and like every Chelsea fan might have already stated a hundred times, there is nowhere written in the rule book of football that a team cannot adapt a defensive, rather than offensive approach to their game. If you look closely, Italy themselves have used the same approach for long, slowly adapting the counter attacking style ofcourse.

And the next argument? Mata being benched? Torres being benched? Chelsea destroying careers of players? Let us just take a look at our Premier League rivals, shall we? Liverpool, Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing were impressive players at their previous clubs, at Liverpool, well we all know how bad they failed. All that while, the media never left Torres off the hook once, did they? Manchester City, this season they bought Jovetic, a lad who was counted among the best players in Italy, to compete against the likes of Aguero and also new acquisition Negredo. Hardly surprising that Jovetic had to help himself only yesterday against Wigan Athletic, with two simple goals. Champions of England? Hey where is that guy you brought in to compete with our Eden Hazard? What was his name? Err….Shinji something? I haven’t seen much of him yet in the PL. Not even on the bench these days. He was a prodigy at Dortmund, someone who made the club tick, and yet Man Utd decides not to even include him in the squad for game, yet no one points that out, do they? Alex Ferguson effect perhaps!

Coming back to Torres now. The world never let go off the miss that Torres made in front of goal. Yet, can anyone remember anyone mentioning how Van Persie scuffed a tap in, without a goalkeeper to oppose, just footsteps near the goal line against Leverkuson? The awkward Rooney shot-cross, again without a goalkeeper to oppose in the same damn game? There has been a heckload of such misses, and everytime they compare it and refer it to as Rooney did a Torres, Persie did a Torres! Shall I even pull back history by highlighting the awkward moment where Giggs couldn’t score against an open net against Arsenal I guess?

Talking about Giggs, phew this might in turn turn into Chelsea vs Man Utd debate afterall. Giggs had an affair with his brother’s wife, his family member, what did he lose professionally due to that scandal? Ummm…nothing! Rooney was caught cheating on his pregnant wife with a hooker, he still retains his starting position at England and Man Utd. While when John Terry was caught cheating with his team mates girlfriend the whole world turns nuts. He was stripped off his captaincy, not once, but twice in the months to follow. He was ever punished for every single thing that went wrong. (P.S.: I am not claiming Terry didn’t do anything wrong here, but personal issues should be kept out of the professional fields, like they opted to do for Rooney and Giggs)

Okay, this might be a pointless banter afterall. No reporter is here to read this, and perhaps change his/her attitude towards our club. But wouldn’t it be a great deal if the media for once focused on what we have achieved, rather than where we fail? Every accusation I have made of the other clubs, yes maybe they have a reason to do that. Benching Kagawa, perhaps he wasn’t match fit, perhaps the coach doesn’t think he is good enough; Jovetic might be benched for the same reason, so why the heck do everyone single out us every now and then? It is not like I am saying don’t criticize us, bring on the hate, we have coped with that in the past, and we WILL cope in the years to come! You call it crisis? We’ll call it challenges! And in the end, even after all these challenges; we will still be KEEPING OUR BLUE FLAG FLYING HIGH! Just like we did in the past few years!

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