Match Review: Chelsea 4-2 Reading

Torres nets the 3rd Chelsea goal

So what many expected to be “just another day in the office” game, well it did not turn out to be one. Though we did manage to get 3 points but the heart Reading showed today is well worth an applause.

The way we started the game it looked like it is going to be another easy victory. Eden Hazard AGAIN tormented the Reading defense. That boy is magical. Against Wigan he showed glimpses of what he can do but today he was just unstoppable. It was his brilliant movement that got us the penalty. Frank Lampard stepped up to convert the spot kick (as always) and we were ahead in no time.

Then “foot of the pedal problem” again! Going 1-0 up against a newly promoted time many expected us to score a few more but we preferred passing the ball and keeping possession. Reading benefited from our sloppy play after Graham McAree pulled in a beautiful cross to find Pogrebnyak whose header was equally brilliant, 1-1. 4 mins later and a moment to forget for our #1 Petr Cech. McAree’s long range free kick was poorly dealt by Cech and it went in. Reading 2-1 up at HT

Man of the match: Eden Hazard (3 Assists)

2-1 down at HT and we showed some character. Started the half like we started the 1st half. Foot back on the pedal and this time luckily we were in full flow. Fernando Torres though was having a night to forget. To be fair we looked like we were playing in a 4-3-2-0 formation, Torres invisible for most of the game. Oscar came on from the bench to replace Ramires who also had a night to forget. After some good flowing football it was Cahill who brought us back into the game with a pile-driver of a short straight at the keeper but just like Cech, Fredrici made a silly silly mistake and we benefited, 2-2.  Chelsea continued their pursuit to find a winner and it was handsomely rewarded (handsomely not in terms of the finish but the build-up), a superb build up including Torres-Oscar-Cole was calmly tapped in by Torres, though it looked offside but it was not given.

5 minutes were added on after the end of 90 minutes and it was Reading who now attacked putting us in the back foot. After some good movement and Terry clearance, Reading won themselves a corner. Reading goal keeper Fredrici made a long long run to the Chelsea box to provide an extra body but that move failed for Reading and it failed big time. After the cross was cleared, Torres found Hazard who had an open space to run into with just 1 defender standing on the goal-line. Hazard unselfishly found Ivanovic to claim his 2nd assist and Ivanovic claimed his 2nd goal in 2 games.  

FT:Chelsea 4-2 Reading

#Shikharr Chandra (@ShikharrC)


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