Message to Di Matteo Fans


He was our hero, a former Chelsea star, the man that lead us to Champions League and FA Cup success as our interim manager but please people can we finally get over the fact that Roberto Di Matteo is not our manager anymore. I mean did we really expect him to be our long term manager? Roman clearly did not want him as our manager otherwise he would have offered him the job on a permamnent basis straight after he won the Champions League final but instead Roman delayed this decision in an attempt to try and bring Pep Guardiola in. When Pep commited to his 1 year sabbitcal then Roman reluctantly gave Di Matteo the job after being pushed by fans and players to do so but he only signed him a relatively short term deal because Roman still had his eye on Pep when his sabbatical ended. It was blatantly obvious that Roman didn’t want RDM as manager so when he was sacked was it really that much of a surprise?

As the owner of Chelsea football club Abramovich has always wanted big name Players and Managers. Due to his money and how well regarded the club is Roman is able to attract these big names. Abramovich refuses to settle for second class and when you think about it that’s all Di Matteo really was. Sure he was a terrific man motivator and brought the team together to lead us to trophies last season but lets be completely honest, a man who was sacked as the manager of West Brom is hardly a World Class manager. He did not have the tactical ability to bring success and beautiful football to Stamford bridge and therefore he was sacked.

But what seemed to make fans the angriest was that Rafa Benitez was installed as Chelsea interim manager, a selection by the board that pleased very few supporters. I’m not sure whether it was due to the sudden dismissal of Di Matteo or that it was our old arch enemy Rafa Benitez picked to be manager but many fans were outraged by this decision. But lets be completely honest, behind Pep Guardiola Benitez was the best available manager out there and has a list of honours to his name that many other managers could only dream about. Benitez was brought in as Chelsea manager for two reasons, to keep afloat the sinking Chelsea ship and to get Fernando Torres scoring again. So far he has achieved these goals with success so there is no point to be angry at him. We should forget about his Liverpool past and comments made years ago because at the moment he is Chelsea manager and we must support him. Chanting ‘One Di Matteo’ everytime we play and abusing Rafa on Social Media websites are not the right way to go about making someone feel welcomed. It was ok the chant Di Matteo’s name once but game after game fans are doing it and its unnecessary. It is understandable to be upset about the way Di Matteo was sacked but fans must get over that. Its not like Roman is going to sack Rafa and bring Di Matteo back. Really the chant is sending a negative message to players and staff.

Fans go through Good times and Bad times but what makes a true Chelsea supporter is somebody that sticks through the tough times in the hope that success just around the corner. It is fine to voice your opinion but not the the extent we have done with DI Matteo sacking and the appointment of Rafa. People have stopped supporting Chelsea over this decision and others like it made by Abramovich. These people are what are known as ‘Plastic Fans’. We must trust in Roman Abramovich and back the club’s decisions because most have paid off and as long as somebody is a part Chelsea we should show our support because this is what makes a true Chelsea Football Club fan.


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