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Misfiring Pellegrini takes a swipe at Mourinho

There’s a trend now when it comes to Jose Mourinho and Chelsea. When he talks he’s the bad guy but when other managers talk everyone pretends not to hear. Recently we’ve heard Cyruff have a go at Mourinho yet strangely he’s been silent. Anyway I’m not interested in him but rather I have a bone to pick with Manuel Pelligrini.

“I don’t think important managers can give any importance to those mind games. And I don’t know if you think managers who seem to play mind games are more intelligent, but I don’t think so.

“I don’t have a response because I don’t know what Mourinho said. It is not my duty to analyse what Mourinho says, it is your duty.”

That was Pellegrini on March 31st trying to goad Mourinho by saying he wasn’t intelligent especially when he played mind games. Mourinho didn’t rise to the bait.

“It would be very disappointing — for football, for the fans, for everyone [if Chelsea won the title],” Pellegrini said. “I think the most attractive football, the more goals you can score, should be rewarded. I’m not saying it’s not important to defend very well. Football is attacking and defending. But I think big teams must play as big teams.”

Now that was the recent barb Pellegrini threw across to Mourinho. For someone who said playing mind games isn’t smart he’s starting to sound like a daft child. Games are won by points and not goals scored(except on rare occasions) nor how beautiful your football is. Yesterday Liverpool did the necessary and shut him up, so there’s no need for Mourinho to reply. Chelsea has beaten all big teams this season so I don’t know how else Pellegrini expects a big team to perform. He should have stuck to engineering.

The last time someone said something similar, Chelsea went on to win the Champions league. It was Edwin Van Der Sar and here are his exact words:

“For the sake of the game and for football in general, I hope Barcelona win at Camp Nou,”

“I love teams who attack. Chelsea did nothing but defend with nine players and kept lots of players in the middle of the park.

“But this tie could have been over by now. I expected Chelsea to lose by a big figure. And it could still have been 5-1 to Barca in the end. Chelsea had just one shot at goal – and they scored.”

I believe there’s something about us that generates. A general dislike from opposing fans and teams but we don’t care. We’re Chelsea and we triumph in the face of adversity. Let’s KTBFFVH.


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