2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES Money Talk: FFP and Overspending, Its not really our fault!

Money Talk: FFP and Overspending, Its not really our fault!

Money Talk: FFP and Overspending, Its not really our fault!

After years of listening to taunts about overspending on players who maybe weren’t worth that much money makes me think, is overspending really our fault ? The answer you are getting here is plain and simple NO.

Let’s start off with the signing of Robben. Chelsea and Man United both were interested in him. Manchester Utd prepared a bid of 7M for him which was rubbished by PSV owner. It was in turn an encouragement for Roman to bid atleast double that and Robben will be ours which he did. At the end of the day Chelsea signed Robben for double the amount Ferguson thought he was worth. Now when have the money to buy a player why shouldn’t we? And wasn’t PSV involved in making Chelsea pay more money for Robben ?
For instance take last season’s Chelsea target Javier Pastore. Do you think he was/is worth the money PSG agreed to pay for him?
When Ronaldo wanted to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid, our very own Sir.Alex Ferguson inflated his price to an unbelievable extent which compelled Madrid to pay that much. Now the people who denigrate overspending are actively getting involved in overpricing a player.

Now you would think that if the selling club is overpricing the player then why buy him? The answer is when you have the money to buy a player and bare the consequences of the temporary deficit it might create on your club’s balance sheet, why shouldn’t you? Then why do we need Financial Fair Play Rules? Answer is its not needed but it will still be implemented. Financial Fair Play Rules which will come in effect from this season will cut the wings of high spenders Chelsea, Man City and even Real Madrid for that fact. My argument is that if they are coming up with rules for the buying club then there should even be rules for the selling club. Rules which should take care of the proper price of a player so that no one has to over spend and everyone’s balance sheet remain ‘balanced’. Something like UEFA coefficient for the players. Without taking care of both parties it is just unfair on upcoming clubs like Chelsea, Man City to implement Financial Fairplay Rules.They must remember one hand can’t clap.
Final Verdict:

I believe FFP has no place in football as it disadvantages teams. If UEFA doesn’t take care of the proper price for player then due to FFP the selling club will sky rocket the player’s asking price and the buyer will have no money left to buy him which in my opinion will make club football a dull sport. One must remember, a club is not all about buying and selling players but also about earning money and staying competitive. No one wants to do a Leeds here, everyone has learnt a lesson or two from their fall. Let’s be honest here, barring haters people would love to see Roman’s XI or The Galactiacos win the Champion’s League rather than  a club like Swansea who might not have enough finances to retain it next season.

What do you fellow blues think?

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