My Life, My Chelsea story – Part 1

Introduction –

My Life, My Chelsea story is a fictional series on a professional football player who supports Chelsea and is signed by them at the age of 19.
Graduated from La Masia, the world-famous football academy that is responsible for producing players like Messi, Xavi, Puyol, etc.

We follow Daniel Chester, a 19 year old Indian with German grandparents who moves from Barcelona B to Chelsea for 11 million pounds, making him the most expensive teenager. His life soon revolves on how he faces new challenges as he tries to adapt to the London weather and the Premier League style of play.

Part 1 is small but Part 2 will most definitely be longer !

Start of Part 1 –

“They won’t let us buy him” – bemoans Florentino Perez
“He is an exciting prospect. Why wouldn’t we want him?” says United boss
“Aiming towards the future and he is in our radar” – Di Matteo reveals
“We’ll try our best to keep him ! ” – Announces Barcelona President

Butterflies were most definitely playing hide and seek in my stomach.

I just stared at the ceiling, not knowing what to do as I waited for that one call.

I could hear the clock ticking, my pulse slowly rising and my eyes trying not to give in to sleep.

Then finally it beeped. ” 10 minutes, be there” . I shrugged all the newspapers and magazines away from the bed and onto the floor. The headlines still glaring at me, I picked up my wallet and watch and ran out the door.

As I went down the stairs, it loomed over my mind. Will it be possible? Me a professional footballer who plys his trade in Europe? All at the age of 19? I can’t be dreaming.

As I entered the coffee shop, I saw my agent sitting at the far corner. I meekly walked up-to him.

“Sit” he commanded without looking up from the paper. I pulled the chair and awaited further instructions as I wondered whether people could hear my heart pumping ferociously.

“Listen up then. 28 in total. Deadline date in 2 weeks. Take your time and no pressure. I had 58 in start but shortlisted the 28 whose options were suitable to your requirments. 58 in the red file , 28 in the blue one.”

I calmly picked up the blue one and opened.

I was greeted with a picture of myself and a short bio data. La Masia graduate of batch ’92. Played for Barcelona B for 2 years. 62 goals, 53 assists. Age 19. Place of Birth – India with German roots, educated in Qatar

I quickly turned to the next page.

Borrusia Dortmund. I was shaking with excitement. Money wasn’t the thing here. I needed a team that guaranteed me a first team position.

Barcelona’s renewed contract offer bumping me up to the first team.
Manchester City.
Manchester United.


Chelsea FC.

My heart skipped a beat. I was a Chelsea supporter since birth, thanks to my granddad who used to work in London in his days. The day he passed away, he made me promise to make sure my children supported Chelsea. He was a major influence in my life and since I was 6 years old, I never missed a Chelsea game.

It was just about everything I wanted. Every time I kicked a ball in the roads of Qatar and scored, it was an FA Cup Final goal. Doing a “Drogba” celebration was all I had in my mind. Not once did the thought cross that this could actually become true.

The conditions were simple. 55,000 pounds a week, 5 years plus a loyalty bonus. Most importantly though, First Team Player.

I haven never received a first team role. At Barcelona I played in a few Champions League matches and in the final, thanks to suspensions. I got to score the winning goal against City and now I find myself propelled to stardom.

I looked up and caught the eye of my agent. ” Made up your mind already I guess? Sleep on it, you can sign it tomorrow. We can fly to London then and get that press conference done before their friendly against Milan.”

I got up and left. It was a huge decision to make but I was sure that signing on it was the correct one. I didn’t know what can happen next but if this is how it pans out, then be it.

Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry), Deputy Editor

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