My Starting XI For Next Season

My Starting XI:

With the amount of quality players that have joined Chelsea so far, it’s extremely hard to pick a regular starting XI. However, this is the team I would start with most frequently because the players selected in the attacking positions are very versatile and can play in each others positions (except for Mikel).


The defence is an easy choice, most Chelsea fans seem to go with that back four. Some people have gone with Cahill instead of Luiz but I don’t necessarily agree with that, Terry and Cahill are very similar in style so I think Luiz would complement Terry better, like Carvalho did. The selection of Cech, Terry and Cole is a no brainier, three of the most experienced players the sqaud and still performing brilliantly. Ivanovic played well at right back last season and I think that’s where he will play mostly this season. He seems out of his comfort zone at centre back and at times, simply doesn’t show enough quality to play there.

Defensive Midfield:

Now the tricky part to explain of my selection. I’ve gone with Ramires and Mikel out of all options possible due to their performances last season. Ramires was our second best player last season and deserves a to play every week and he can. I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays nearly every game next season. Mikel has been our most improved player under RDM and justifies his involvement.


Attacking Midfield:

All three players are still young but you wouldn’t guess it when you see them play. Hazard, 21 and Oscar, 20 have the intelligence of players much beyond their age. Mata, 24, our current player of the year will surely improve this season like David Silva after his first season at Manchester City. It’s interesting to know that Mata scored and assisted more than Silva in his first season. I’m not saying he’s better than him but he definitely needs more recognition for his amazing performances. 

Centre Forward:

There is only one option really, Fernando Torres. So much talk about him and finally time for him to prove he is the man. With the departure of Didier Drogba, he will finally be our main man and I believe he will now do what he was brought here to do. Sturridge is an able replacement but I do think we need to sign another player for this position. Lukaku looks like he’s on his way to another a Premier League club on loan so we do need another striker. Two simply isn’t enough.

Players Missing Out:

Lampard and Marin are the two players who will be most disappointed to miss out. Frank is 34 now and he has to know to that he can’t start every game like before but I do reckon he will start the big games as his experience will be an important factor. Marin has shown talent in his brief career at Chelsea but the three players I’ve chosen in his position are simply better than him, no other reason for his exclusion.

It looks like Malouda and Benayoun will be sold so I haven’t taken them into account. Also, McEachran, Kakuta and Lukaku haven’t either because it’s reported they’re going out on loan. Meireles may be sold but I think he’ll be a good squad player, & he hasn’t been vocal about playing regularly. Essien will probably be on the bench. However, in pre-season he did show patches of his old class and I think he will one of the players fighting for a position in the starting eleven.


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