2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES My thoughts on this whole Mata to Man United situation

My thoughts on this whole Mata to Man United situation

Isn't it Time for Chelsea to let him go?

Time to say good-bye it seems.

The Juan Mata to Manchester United stories have been flooding everywhere. From the newspapers to my Twitter timeline and its really starting to irritate and bother me. It is understandable that this is over our player of the year for the last 2 seasons but common lads, we’ve got to be more calm regarding and react in a more supportive manner rather than panicking.

Now one thing I don’t get is why/how any fan would put all this on Jose’s head? Mourinho can keep Mata at Chelsea until his contract runs out but its Juan Mata’s wish to play more regularly in a system which would suit him better. If a player isn’t happy at a massive massive club like Chelsea, what do you do? You let him go for the right price because such an attitude is not good at all for a team who could be potential champions at the end of the season.

And don’t underestimate Jose Mourinho lads. He’s the best manager in the world and all I know is that he loves Chelsea Football Club with all his heart and will do whatever it takes to take this club to the greatest heights! He did that when he was here earlier and he will do that now on a more long term basis. One player won’t affect the club’s mentality but Jose Mourinho will and he’s the man who will make us champions.hi-res-Preview_crop_north

I’m more than sure that Mourinho’s definitely got something special up his sleeves because there’s no way he’ll sell Juan Mata and Kevin De Bruyne and get no one in to fill that void. If Mata departs, we’ll all of a sudden look a bit short of options with only Hazard, Willian, Oscar and Schurrle for the positions up-front. Now I’m not sure if Jose’s going to bring in Rooney or he’ll bring in someone like Diego Costa but he will bring someone in. Thats for sure because it makes no sense to get weaker in the middle of the season all of a sudden.

Just recently, the Spanish paper AS claimed that Chelsea have triggered the £32m release clause of Diego Costa. Now its not all done or confirmed or anything that concrete yet but we all know that it only takes one big transfer to trigger several other transfers. Talking about Diego Costa, using the Mata funds on him would be way better that swapping Courtois for him if we do make a move in the near future.

Now moving on to Juan Mata, I simply don’t understand why Mata would want to join a club thats sitting 7th on the table. A club with an inexperienced manager who’ll probably not add to his qualities. A club which might possibly not be in the Champions League next season. Chelsea’s rivals: Manchester United. Why Juan, Why Manchester United? Thats my question.

Now its common sense that its the World Cup year and that Juan Mata needs and wants to play as much as he can and to he wants to impress his Spanish Boss so that he can make it to the Spanish Squad for the tournament. I get that but then he could explore moves abroad to other clubs like PSG as well. He could adapt his game to Jose’s system which he tried doing already. There are many other options. Even if he didn’t feature as much as he would have liked for Chelsea this season he would still have made it to Del Bosque’s squad in my opinion because his quality and experience in these big competitions is not a secret. I feel that Juan wants to move to Manchester United as well for alot of reasons I’m not quiet sure about.

Another thing I don’t get is where he would actually fit at United. This is something United legend Gary Neville has come out and talked about himself and its something I really don’t seem to understand. He certainly can’t play on the wings as we’ve seen under Jose this season and would he really sort of replace Rooney in there system? I doubt it. This is what Gary Neville had to say about this:

“Does he fit in with what I would call the typical philosophy of Manchester United? I would say no.

 The first question, I think, is where are you going to play? Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie are up top if they are fit so where are you going to play him? Are you going to play him off the left or off the right?

Maybe they have to change the philosophy and maybe that’s what David Moyes is thinking. Maybe he wants to play narrow wide players and maybe a three in midfield. They would have to change to accommodate Juan Mata in the way they normally play. They normally play with wide players.”

Now to wrap things up guys, we ALL love Juan Mata; both as a magical player and as a person but if he wants to move on play elsewhere this is something we have to accept as well and we have to move on as well. We have the best manager in the world in charge. A manager whom we all love and trust and he does nothing but the same in return. Trust me, the future for us looks more than bright with a manager like Jose in charge. Instead of going on social media outlets and panicing, we should remain calm and put all our support behind what Jose thinks is right for the club and with the kind of  mentality he will bring we will be winning every single trophy in no time to come. Also guys, there has been NOTHING OFFICIAL as of yet. No statement by either clubs or their managers or their chiefs. Its all just based on some strong reports and rumours.

CFC team celebrationI love you Juan Mata but its all about Chelsea Football Club here. We will win and dominate football in England and Europe with or without you. If you decide to move on I’ll wish you nothing but the very best of luck.

Do let me know what you guys think about this situation in the comments below. Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!

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