On the "Chicharito to Chelsea" prospect

Chicharito to Chelsea?

I am basically going to talk about the prospect of Chicharito joining Chelsea. It might sound a little funny but this buzz has been on for quiet some time between alot of Chelsea fans. Arsenal announced that, after a long transfer saga, they had agreed a fee with Manchester United for the transfer of their star player Robin Van Persie on Thursday. Following this piece of news, there were instant questions about what future Javier Hernandez (popularly known as Chicharito) would have at Manchester United. Chicharito played a total of 18 games for United last season. Almost always, Alex Ferguson overlooked him in favor of Rooney and Welbeck. As both of them are in terrific form, this situation seemed unlikely to change for Chicharito. However, due to the addition of a further top class striker, it seems very unlikely that Chicharito would get playing opportunities at United and so the rumour mill started buzzing that he might be on his way out of Old Trafford. Now so far there havent been any sources reporting this but I did spot an article regarding this topic ( Click here to read ). Chelsea have been linked heavily with strikers like Cavani, Falcao, Llorente, etc. this season and the only problem in completing these transfers so far has been the fact that these are all very costly players. Chicharito on the other hand could be a much cheaper and effective solution.

Chicharito is a 24 year old Mexican footballer. He plays as a striker and has shown previously that he can very effective. He has great vision and can finish with amazing accuracy. He can convert the opportunities that the midfielders create for him and is very fast on the ball. He is good in the air as well.

Chicharito’s main drawback is that he is not physically imposing. He cannot win tackles against the huge defenders that we see in the Premier League. However, due to his pace and ball control, he has shown before that he can make up for it. Also, he is not very injury prone and is difficult to mark because of his good positioning skills and constant activeness on the field.

Chelsea are looking for a backup striker for Torres this transfer season and Chicharito, in my opinion, would be a decent choice. He has the finishing skills, the talent and the energy to play in for us in the Premier League as well Champions League. Chicharito will also not cost Chelsea too much and we would be able to buy him for around 15-20 million pounds- if United are willing to sell that is.

This transfer has not been mentioned by any of the leading and reliable news sources so far but it was one about which I thought the moment RVP moved to United. Javier Hernandez would be a cheap, talented and perfect solution for Chelsea. At an age of 24, he still has a lot of his best footballing years ahead of him and can be very successful if he moves to Stamford Bridge. The odds of this transfer happening are not too high at the moment but this is a move which, if it happens, could prove to be extremely beneficial for Chelsea in the long run.

Chicharito is a good player without a doubt, but personally I would prefer seeing the likes of Cavani and Hulk arriving at Stamford Bridge rather than Chicharito. A striker’s arrival  at Stamford Bridge before the transfer market closes is pretty obvious but who would it be? The question remains.

So do let me know what you guys think about the prospect of Chicharito joining Chelsea 😉


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