Pep Guardiola wants to Manage in London

The rumours linking Chelsea and Former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola have returned recently. It is well known that Roman Abramovich has a Love Affair with ‘Sexy’ Football and he believes Guardiola is the man who can bring him this. Pep was not interested in the move to West London while he was at Barcelona but after his Sabbitical reports suggest he is interested in managing a club in the Premier league with Chelsea his preffered destination. But do we need him?

At the Moment we are doing fairly well but a recent run of bad results (by our early season standards) in the league have made a few people question whether RDM is really a world class manager. Di Matteo is a great motivator as we saw during up Champions league run last season. He is also a great man manager who is able to handle big dressing room egos, a task many managers that have gone before him have not been able to do. Most players and fans love Di Matteo and are happy with the way he is running the team but at the end of the day, Roman Abramovich is the boss and if he does not want a someone at the club you can bet that they will be out the door the very next day. Roman does not just want results but he also expects the team to perform with flair aka. Sexy Football. Under Di Matteo we have been performing half of the art of Sexy Football. Our front trio in behind Torres including Hazard, Oscar and Mata have been a pleasure to watch play together. There constant movement and 1-2 passes have made them a nightmare for opposition defenders. Our Midfield Pivot of Mikel and Ramires has also held up well as they have won most of their midfield battles but at the back is where we need some work. We play a high pressure game up front yet our defence is lackluster and slow. Against top teams we have conceded many goals like in the games vs Shakhtar where the opposition also plays a high tempo game up front. Di Matteo’s downfall in previous managerial jobs has been that his defence is not up to scratch. The same reason could lead to his sacking at Chelsea if we don’t get our defence sorted out.

Pep Guardiola has his style of play sorted out, A high line and a high tempo passing game which when is performed to its peak is unstoppable as we have seen from Barcelona in years past. If he were to bring this style to Chelsea and perform it in the same manner in which he did at Barcelona then I think that this is an opportunity all Chelsea fans would want to take up.

FINAL OPINION: Di Matteo is a great manager and everyone in and around the club love him. We have seen what he can do as manager but I and many other fans are still to be completely convinced by Di Matteo and his Managerial techniques. Pep is reguarded by many as the best manager in the world due to his major success in his time at Barcelona. His style has changed football forever. I would love him to be manager at Chelsea but I would not want to see Di Matteo sacked prematurely. Then again if Pep can bring that little Argentine Magician by the name of Lionel Messi to Chelsea then I think everyone would be very happy.


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