2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES Petr Cech – The best goalkeeper in the world. [Appreciation article]

Petr Cech – The best goalkeeper in the world. [Appreciation article]


Petr Cech – The best goalkeeper in the world.

There are many things we can say about Petr Cech but the first world in my mind when it comes to football is ‘safety’. Yes, indeed, our beloved keeper, our great wall in front of the goal is someone who not many teams can brag about having. I know the title of the article looks ambitious & I am well aware of keepers like Casillas and Neuer and yet I can still say that for me Petr Cech is the best keeper in the world. And please don’t call me biased.
Do you know how much money we spent on Petr? Many of you may be amazed – £7m in 2004. I gotta tell you, if a club wanted him now, 30 years of age, I wouldn’t sell him for at least £35m – and let’s be honest – nobody would pay that much money for a goalkeeper – exactly my point. Call me crazy, but I don’t want to see my favorite goalkeeper of all time gone. And how could I? The guy alone is at least 50% the reason why we won the Champions League last season. 1 player – 50%. We all remember his marvelous saves, we all remember that Messi is still having nightmares about him – how many goalkeepers share the same glory – of having played against Messi and not conceding…well, I think Rubin Kazan are the second team after us, against which Messi hasn’t scored in a series of games – 4 games to be exact. The number is double when it comes to playing vs. Petr Cech.
And, of course, the most important game – the Champions League final. All odds against us, their city, their stadium, our cup – ah, you know the story. Marvelous saves again, including Robben’s penalty in added time. Can’t really blame Petr for Muller’s goal in the 83rd minute – people call US lucky, but that goal was the pure definition of lucky. Out of 6 penalties overall, Petr saved 3 and he guessed the other 3 but wasn’t ‘lucky’ enough to save them as well. Let’s just say, that’s what I meant by ‘50%’.
Very often Petr Cech has been given much less credit for what he’s done. He’s the one who’s saved our asses in numerous occasions. For example, the Manutd game. Sure, in that case EVERYONE, including the old fuck Fergie, had to give credit to Cech for the incredible save vs. Hernandez. Many things can be said but I don’t remember seeing a save that fantastic ever. I don’t claim to have watched football for so long, but 12 years isn’t a short period of time either.
Well, the examples can go on forever. However, aged 20, my memory isn’t that long, unfortunately. I don’t pretend that I remember every single Chelsea game but I do my best. Everyone can give themselves a lot of examples of Cech saving our butts. Actually, please comment on the article and tell me which save is your favorite?

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