Picking Out The Positives And The Negatives

Picking Out The Positives And The Negatives
As we all know, Chelsea were defeated 3-2 by reigning EPL champions, Manchester City, in the Community Shield. The scoreline may look good from a Chelsea fans perspective, but it certainly doesn’t represent what ‘could’ve’ been, had City taken more of their chances. Chelsea took the lead just before half time through Fernando Torres. Things were looking good. That was until a few minutes later, when Branislav Ivanovic recklessly slid fellow countryman, Aleksandar Kolarov, and was given a straight red. Ultimately, this led to Chelsea’s defeat. But looking past the result, we can take some positives and negatives from the match.

The positives:

One of the positives that could turn out to be a major one, was the fact Fernando Torres opened the scoring for Chelsea. We all know that the last 18 months have certainly not been easy for him. But… he finished the season strongly with some inspiring performances and ended up as top goal scorer at Euro 2012. I firmly believe his confidence his back and that his goal against City… won’t be his last for a long time coming. Sadly, there weren’t too many other positives because Chelsea were forced to defend for the second half. But I have to admire Chelsea’s fighting spirit and determination. It obvious it still lies within the players, just as it did when we heroically took out the UCL…

The Negatives:

The defence that withstood so much last season, seems to be our current point of concern. Throughout the whole pre-season, we’ve conceded cheap and tacky goals courtesy of poor defending. Ivanovic hasn’t looked at all comfortable playing at right back. So the debate continues. Can we count on Branna to stay disciplined and focused or splash out the cash to purchase Marseille right back, Cesar Azpilicueta? I’d like the readers to express their thoughts via the comments.

Whether Mikel is just warming up or just not fit, he had an awful game against City. He arguably was one of Chelsea’s best players against Bayern, but looked a different player giving the ball away on numerous occasions and had no idea of his surroundings. Chelsea cannot afford for him to continue in these ways… in saying that though, it might’ve just been a one off game. Let’s hope so.

The Final Outcome:

The EPL season is right around the corner, and decisions need to be made now! Luckily Branna will not have to serve a 3 match as some of us first thought, but he really needs to think before he goes in studs up… Let’s hope that ‘El Nino’ can grab goals from the get go and lead Chelsea to victory. We’ll also witness Eden Hazard in his EPL debut! There’s a lot to be excited about (despite a not so great pre-season) and it’s possible Chelsea could sky rocket to the top if we win our first 3 matches (against Wigan, Reading and Newcastle) within the opening week!

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