Please don't call Malouda a legend!

Please don’t call Malouda a legend!

After Florent Malouda revealed this week via his twitter account that he would spend the remainder of the season playing and training with the under 21s at the club, it brought different reactions from Chelsea fans. Some had no sympathy after it was revealed that Malouda had turned down a number of offers due to his wage demands. Others were upset for him and thought it was an unfair way to treat a servant of the club, who had taken part in our most famous game, that night in May.

Then there were the people who started to get out of control, by staying that Malouda was a legend. Now, I don’t know they had said this in order to get a retweet from him, or if they really meant it. I really hope that these fans don’t regard Malouda as a legend really, as I certainly don’t. This is a player who in my eyes had his most productive and successful spell at the club in the Double winning 09/10 season. But ever since then his form has been inconsistent, and he’s not been able to hold down a place in the side.

Ok, he has won 3 FA Cups, a Premier League title and a Champions League title, and has been part of the greatest era in Chelsea’s history so far, but he is by no means a legend. Nowadays we live in a society who throws the term legend around quite easily, with something so simple be enough to be tagged with the term, legend. When it comes to football, there are few players who will have their names engraved in history as one of the best to play the game, Malouda is not one of them.

In my eyes, the legends that will come out of the last 10 years, the ones who I will tell my children and grandchildren about, will be the 4 who embraced that hug in Munich after so many years of pain. You know of course who I’m talking about. Cech, JT, Lampard and Drogba. These 4 will go down as legends for Chelsea not just for that night in Munich, but also for everything they have given to this club over the last 10 years. Those names will stay with me until the end, and will always be remembered as players who did so much for our club and have given us so much happiness.

So next time you wish to call a player a legend, don’t do so so willingly. Think about the definition of a legend, and then ask yourself whether that player really is one. Florent Malouda unfortunately is not a legend, but just a player who has served his club well, and should be treated in a better manner than this after 5 years of service. But that’s not up to us to decide now, is it. Come on you blues!


-Will Talbut @WSTalbs


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