Possible Chelsea departures

Possible Chelsea departures

With just a few days left until the end of the transfer window, there’s been much speculation about possible departures and arrivals at the club. The way I see it, there are only 2 candidates who will possibly leave the club, and they are Benayoun and Malouda.

These two players have had much said about them over the summer, with both of them being linked with various clubs. They have both had very mixed Chelsea careers, but now it does seem time for these players to leave. Malouda has been at the club now for 5 years, and in that time he’s won 3 FA Cups, 1 Premier League title and of course the Champions League last season. He was so instrumental the season we won the double, with one particular highlight being his assist for that famous Joe Cole goal in front of the Stretford End. He had limited opportunities last season with the emergence of Sturridge, and I feel that he no longer really has much value for us. He doesn’t fit into our way of playing now which is to pass the ball quickly.

It’s been made quite clear that Malouda’s days are numbered by the fact that Bertrand has been starting on the left instead of Malouda, with perhaps the biggest nail in his coffin being in the Champions League final, when Bertrand was outstanding and really showed he could play that position well. Malouda has been one of the most frustrating players to play for Chelsea in recent memory, but if is to leave as I suspect he will, he’ll be held in good steed by most Chelsea fans, as any servant of the club should be.

The other player possibly on the way out is Benayoun, who’s’ Chelsea career has never really got going. He was brought in in the summer transfer window of 2010 with there being many whispers that Torres would be on his way also. That didn’t happen until the January window, and it was hoped that these two combined could give Torres the service he needed in order to score the goals. That didn’t happen as we all know. Benayoun struggled with an injury sustained in the League Cup, and Torres struggled with a lack of service.

Last season Benayoun was on loan at Arsenal where he did score some crucial goals for them, but he really should be moved on. He’s 32 like Malouda, and it’s only fair to him to sell him as he won’t get much game time at all with the arrivals this summer, and the emergence of Bertrand and Piazon who can play in those positions.

There’s been mentions of Kakuta and Essien leaving the club also in the next few days. For me, if Kakuta was going to go it would have been as part of the Cesar deal, as he wants to go to France anyway. So maybe that deal will materialise, we’ll see. He’s a player who’s never quite lived up to the hype, especially after the transfer embargo that was forced on Chelsea following his arrival. That’s why I feel we won’t let him go so easily, as he caused so much aggro.

Essien is unlikely to go, as he’s a very decent utility player. Not a shadow of the player he used to be, when he made those famous drives forward, but he still has a role to play, possibly stepping in for the midweek games and when there are injuries. We won’t let the bison go that easily! Also, I think he owes the club a lot after we’ve stuck by him for so long after two really bad knee injuries. That’s another reason why he may choose to stay.

Overall though, I don’t expect too many departures from the squad, as I feel there’s a decent balance within the squad with a lot of quality, young and hungry players, mixed with the experienced players which any side needs to be successful. Now let’s hope for our first trophy on Friday, come on you blues!


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