Possible January Targets

Possible January Targets

It wouldn’t be a “normal” transfer window if Chelsea were not splashing the cash on players. Especially in January, Uncle Roman loves to get his wallet out and bring new players into the club. This Winter transfer window looks like it will be no different with many big name players being linked to the club. On the surface it looks like we have a very solid squad but if you look beyond that, there is always room for improvement which Mr. Abramovich and Roberto Di Matteo have both recognized. If reports are the be believed we have lined up potentials players in Attack, Midfield and Defence. It is likely we will only get one of the following players, if any, but Roman is definitely going to at least enquire about them.


Radamel Falcao
The Columbian from Atletico Madrid is regarded as the best striker out and out in the world at the moment and has the goalscoring record to go with it. He is currently equal top with Lionel Messi for the most amount of goals in La Liga. His club look sure to lose him in the coming transfer window and have put a 60 million euro price tag on him. Many top clubs are interested including Chelsea, Man City, Real Madrid and PSG. Roman could pay this fee but according toESPN a “Chelsea Insider” has said that Chelsea will not pay that amount of money again for a player, referring to Fernando Torres 50 million pound price tag. Is this information fact or fiction? Will Falcao be a Chelsea player soon? We will just have to wait and see
The extremely talented Brazilian from Santos is again been in the headlines recently to do with his transfer to Europe. Firstly it was revealed our number 11 and fellow Brazilian Oscar was trying to convince Neymar to join him at Stamford Bridge. Then the Santos manager urged Neymar to move to Europe as soon as possible due to the bad treatment he was receiving from referees in brazil. Brazilian legends Rivaldo and Ronaldo also urged Neymar to come to Europe sooner rather than later. This means Neymar could leave as early as this January but Barcelona have said that Santos will owe them 80 million pounds if Neymar goes to any other club than Barcelona due to a pre-contract. This pre-contract has been denied by Santos. Whether Neymar signed the pre-contract or not will decide whether he moves to Chelsea or any other club for that matter but the bottom line is he would be a perfect fit in the squad.

Marouane Fellaini
The Belgian from Everton has been in red hot form this season in midfield, being the heart of everything Everton does on the pitch but it looks like he will be moving on soon to bigger and better things. At the age of 24 he is just about the hit the peak years of his career and Chelsea are interested. With Lampard not getting any younger Fellaini is seen as a terrific replacement for him in central midfield. He would come for around the 20 million pound mark which is a lot of money, but not out of our reach.

Sergio Ramos
Reports are still saying that all is not well in the Real Madrid camp and Sergio Ramos is at the heart of the conflict. Ramos could be offloaded this coming January but it would require around 40 million pounds which in my opinion is a very fair price-tag  He is an absolute superstar defender and would be an ideal replace for John Terry in the future. He would definitely stop the few goals and opportunities we are leaking in defence.
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