Pre-Match Analysis: Chelsea FC vs Norwich City

Pre-Match Analysis: Chelsea FC vs Norwich City

After a good performance against the Danes, Chelsea return to home soil and prepare to face Norwich City at the Bridge. The boys in blue are at the top of the league and will be having momentum on their side but they will have to ensure that their form does not drop.

This would be my team against Norwich –

Now getting on to my talking points,

#1 – Cesar HAS to start

We haven’t bought a talented right-back to rot on the bench. Branislav has to be tired with all the running , attacking and defending he has been doing.

Cesar on the other hand did not put a foot wrong against Wolves and deserves a call up. After allowing the fans to call him Dave due to them being unable to call him Azpilicueta, the young Spaniard will definitely catch eyes if he is to start.

#2 – The Cole problem

Cole as we know is under-fire for his comments on the English FA on twitter. If he is not in the right state of mind, Bertrand deserves a call up. In my opinion his defensive capabilities are pretty good and he is more attack minded then Ashley Cole.

Even though he has years to reach the class of the best leftback in the world, he can definitely feature against a side that got thrashed by Liverpool.

#3 – Ramires and Mikel pivot

Lampard gave in a good performance against Nordsjaelland but his chances off featuring against Norwich are low, as Di Matteo looks like he has finally decided on the players who are capable of featuring in the double pivot role.

Ramires has been having a good run of games and it would not be a disastrous idea to give Super Frank a game. Mikel will be performing his usual duty of transitioning defense to attack and covering for the Brazillian geezer.

#4 – Torres

Torres has been playing really well in my eyes and leads our scoring charts. He looks to play in his team-mates first which has been crucial in our wins. Despite a few incidents , I still believe RDM does not need to dig deep into Roman’s pockets for another striker. This will just sink his confidence again. Moreover Sturridge is still injured and if RDM needs a striker, he only has Fernando.

After speaking to some other people and few journalists, many are pointing to the fact that Chelsea are finally playing false 9 . Torres is converting himself into a playmaker, which gives Chelsea 4 play makers upfront. Hazard, Mata, Oscar and Torres keep switching with each other and Torres keeps drifting wide, helping Ramires and Oscar to make runs inside the box. I’ll touch on this topic after the game with some neat graphics.

Roberto Di Matteo has been accused of messing up with tactics but with recent happenings, to me he is tactically adept.

#5 – Who is Marko Marin?

There are times when I have to remind myself that there is a certain German rearing to go. He might just make his debut for one of the play makers, and it will most probably be for Mata.

Mata has been playing on the right, which lets him cut in and take shots with his left boot. Marin could do the same but watching his games with Werder Bremen where he became the central attacking midfielder after the departure of Mesut Ozil to Real Madrid , he will be more comfortable on the left.

If I were to make a wild choice, then I would rest Torres for Marin. Play four natural play-makers and let Gary Lineker tear his hair out on MOTD. Proper false 9 but there are doubts that Marin could fit into it.

#6 – Future JT and Geezer

Cahill and Luiz are expected to start as RDM tries to form a formidable partnership as John Terry gets ready to face his 4 match ban. He could start against Norwich but it looks unlikely.

Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry), Deputy Editor

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