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Radamel Falcao – Necessity or quenching of ego?

Radamel Falcao – Necessity or quenching of ego?

Newspapers were strewn with headlines stating that Roman Abramovich was all set to snap up Radamel Falcao from Athletico Madrid in the January transfer window for 46 million. Athletico would be tempted to agree as they are in huge amounts of debt.

The Daily Mail isn’t the most trusted of sources but many fans have been cribbing for months for something exactly like this. People have begun to become impatient with Fernando Torres and despite a good start to this season many are of the opinion that Falcao will help Chelsea in their push to claim silverware this season.

In my honest opinion though, he will cause more harm than good.

Let me get this straight. He is at this point, one of the most deadliest natural strikers in the world. One who can cause destruction in a blink of an eye. He hammered us in Monaco and could probably do it again but we do not need him.

We have had a host of talented youngsters. Many of whom have been wasted, with Fabio Borini and Scott Sinclair being prime examples. We have a certain young Belgian on loan at West Bromwich Albion.

Romelu Lukaku was bought to London for a fee of 18 million and that to just for an 18 year old. He has pitched in impressive performances for his temporary club, including a header against Liverpool where he humiliated the Merseyside veteran, Jamie Carragher.

Now like I usually analyse, I weighed both the negatives and the positives. I’ll start of with the positives.

#1 No more shakiness upfront –

Torres has had a good start but not a brilliant start. People are still backing him to score 20+ goals , including me but with someone like Radamel Falcao in our strike force, we can be sure that we have someone on the score-sheet every single time.

#2 Our go-to guy –

You would probably not take me seriously if I told you that we could trust on Torres to give us goals right when we needed them. When the situation is bad and everything is against us, we need one man to step up, lift our hearts and force the opposition goalkeeper to pick the ball from his net.

That man used to be Drogba and Torres CAN replace him but if we are to capture Falcao, we could easily have our man. As the stats say, Falcao has grabbed the most number of goals this season in La Liga , ahead of “the guy who has never scored against us” and “the guy who got his penalty saved by Cech in Moscow”

#3 Psychologically intimidating –

Every top club out there is after him. City, PSG, Zenit and other clubs who are financially banked by rich owners. The inclusion of him in the line-up sends a clear message to everyone. We mean business. The sight of him running right at you is enough to send chills down your spine.

With him on your side you have an advantage over the opponent that plays on their mind. Useful to say the least.

#4 Why? Because its Chelsea, thats why ! –

If there’s a top player out there who can only be moved by big bucks, then expect Roman Abramovich near him. With the inclusion of PSG and City in the queue leading to the cash counter of the transfer market, we can assert our dominance again and send a clear message that Chelsea cannot be easily trifled with, when it comes to money.

Negatives? Here’s mine,

# 1 FFP (Financial Fair Play Rule ) –

With the amount of money Roman Abramovich has spent to get Marin, Oscar, Moses, De Bruyne and Hazard to ply their trade at the Bridge, we have used up all the money we got from our win in Munich.

With UEFA and Platini trying to punish teams for spending out of their means, we have to make sure that we spend money only if we can ensure profit.

With a re-invigorated Torres, a recovering Sturridge and a hungry Lukaku there are few reasons of spending money and incurring the wrath of the officials just for buying another striker.

# 2 Sheva – Nando experience –

Our experiences of watching a frustrated Shevchenko and Fernando has made us aware of the fact that sometimes the weight of money can be a huge pressure for some of the players. Falcao has never been subjected to a big move before and what if his mind plays tricks with him?

What if he starts to misfire and see’s money bags all around him? What if his lethal touch loses its shine ?

A reason we all have to consider.

# 3 ….. kill two birds with one stone? –

Imagine a situation like this. Fernando loses his hunger for goals and goes back to the days where he was overshadowed by Drogba when Falcao enters the Cobham training ground. At the same time, the media and fans are expecting big things from Falcao and he succumbs to pressure.

At such a point, we are left only with Sturridge and an option of playing False 9 .

Don’t barge me by saying that I’m wishing bad luck on two talented strikers ! Just citing a possibility.

# 4 Might hinder transition? –

Chelsea are going through a phase of transition where they say their final goodbyes to the mighty “Munich conquering” old guard.

Chelsea are trying to fulfill Abramovich’s dream of beautiful football and its getting close to reality. Hazard, Mata, Oscar and Torres understand each other so well that it is hard to realize that these players have known each other only for the past few months.

By bringing on Falcao we can cause disruption in this process. Something that can be devastating for our form .

So with everything said and done, I believe that most of us just want him to quench our ego’s. Not saying that we are egoistic but because we have sub consciously become one. We have always bought players, sometimes for no reason whatsoever. That is the Chelsea way of football but in the present climate we have to move on from it.

The best thing to do, is to asses our options. Wait till a week before the transfer window to decide what we have to do. We might just wrap up the deal tomorrow and next we know that Torres grabs 20 goals before the window opens up ! Patience is key , and my opinion would be that we get a striker on loan , who is in form and ready to sit on the bench or recall Romelu Lukaku if the situation gets worse !

Come on Chelsea ! Carefree since 1905.
Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry), Deputy Editor
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