Ramires – The Awkward Fit

Since signing from Benfica in the Summer Transfer Window in 2010, Ramires has improved out of sight at Chelsea. The 25 year old was arguably our Player of the Season behind Juan Mata, but due to our activity in this years transfer market and rumours of more signings to come, where does this leave the Brazilian. Presumably under Di Matteo we will continue the 4-2-3-1 formation. Almost guaranteed staters are Torres as ST, Hazard LW and Mata CAM but other than that there are no certainties. After seeing Ramires performances last season I think we can all agreee he deserves a spot in the starting line up, But Where?

I believe there are two postions in which Ramires would fit in the 4-2-3-1 formation. These postions are RW or 1 of the 2 Holding Midfielders.

Right Wing

Ramires spent most of his time under Di Matteo on the Right Wing. Due to his pace and Stamina he was constantly running up and down the Right flank with most defenders not being able to handle him.  An Example of Ramires producing on the RW is the goal against Liverpool in the Fa Cup Final where he received the through ball from Mata and burnt off Enrique easily before finishing with power. Though being able to score and create chances like these on the counter Ramires does not have the technical ability to beat a defender with skill therefore he relies on counter attacks (Exculding the goal against Man City in the 2010-11 season)

Holidng Midfielder

We have seen over the years that Ramires has been at Chelsea he has usually played on the right side of midfield in a 4-3-3 system. Ramires has played most of his career at central midfield because he is good in defense and in attack. At Benfica he played a lot of the time as a Holding midfielder that woud push forward if the opportunity came. Example of Ramires pushing forward from midfield is the goal against Barcelona. He started with the ball from deep into his own Half, he laid the ball of the Lampard and continued his run forward with no defender able to track his pace he stretched the defense, received the ball and calmly chipped Valdes in the Barca goal.

I personally believe that Ramires best Postion would be as a 1 of the 2 Holding Midfielders in the 4-(2)-3-1 formation. The postion suit all his strengths and he has played there most of his career. He is strong defensively, Deadly on the counter and have the pace to run around the pitch all day.


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