Reaction: Sending a clear message

A game of comebacks could easily summarize the game. Andre Villas Boas’s Tottenham side thought the game was over when Defoe scored, but MAZACAR had different ideas. Mata scored two to give Chelsea the advantage and then rounded of the game by grabbing an assist as Sturridge poked the ball home.

Robbie’s reaction
Roberto believes that Chelsea were good throughout the game and deserved the win, despite the shaky 10 minutes at the start of the second half. He also underlined the fact that he has no problem with the Cahill and Luiz partnership and believes they can go a long way with them. 
Gary Cahill scored a brilliant volley and Di Matteo was pleased with a great start. Mikel and Ramires were standout performers for him and was not surprised by Cahill’s goal. Gary scores like that everyday in training.
On the John Terry incident, he respects the board’s decision to keep him as the captain.
360 reaction

Three points at White Hart lane , can go a long way in deciding where the Premier League title ends up. One thing that is sure though is that the London clubs will give in a strong fight.
Di Matteo knew he needed good counter-attacks to decide the game and press exactly when needed to. The front 4 did a brilliant job. Torres did not score but worked brilliantly behind behind the scenes as he drifted wide, opened space and played for the team. 
It is almost certain that Chelsea can cover up their defensive vulnerabilities at the moment as their attacks keeps bringing home the goals. Gary Cahill had a good game and I expect him to fit in well.
The fans were the best part of all this as they showed up in huge numbers at White Hart Lane. With chants and beautiful football like this, the nickname “Three Point Lane” could be back ! 
Tough tests are yet to come and Chelsea have overcome their biggest so far. Manchester United twice in a row will be a huge decider on how Chelsea carry on with their excellent form.

Come on Chelsea ! Carefree since 1905.
Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry), Deputy Editor
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