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Romelu Lukaku : A mere possibility or a desperate need?

Romelu Lukaku has scored 3 goals in 18 appearances for West Bromwich Albion from which only 10 appearances have been starts. Many fans have called on Di Matteo to bring back the highly rated Belgian to the Bridge to solve our striker dilemma, instead of splashing the dough on Radamel Falcao.

He could be recalled in the January transfer window. Now the question we must answer here is that is it a need or a possibility. To me it will only be a possibility. Lukaku is a very strong built player who has a similar playing style to that of Drogba. Getting him to adapt to the playing style of Mata, Oscar and Hazard will be very difficult. Torres had done a good job with it and Falcao can as he also has characteristics that can make him adapt.

The prospect of bringing in Lukaku could pan out in two major ways. One he plays so well that he benches Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge. The other is that he is not upto the mark and is overlooked when it comes to Torres and Sturridge. The first way would cause a huge morale damage to Torres and Sturridge whereas the second way would make Lukaku unhappy.

Now Lukaku moved to West Brom only because he was unhappy with the way Chelsea were dealing with him and Steve Clarke confirmed that the Belgian was happier with the Hawthorns. Moreover is still right to give up on Torres?

Torres has as of now scored more goals than Rooney. Rooney and Torres are similar players as they work really hard for their team, create chances and stick to the tactical approach of their managers. The only loopholes from Falcao’s transfer would be that will he able to get his head straight and work hard for the team?

Think it this way, Falcao might be able to score from absolutely anywhere but when he enters the Cobham training ground, he has to learn Di Matteo’s tactical approach and if he doesn’t follow it, then the entire team suffers. This one of the main reasons why I think we should stick with Torres this season and bring Lukaku back.

Lukaku might not be happy with the time given but with Di Matteo’s brilliant man-management skills we can give it a go. How ashamed would someone be if we let Torres go and he suddenly gets his form back and starts banging in goals, left and right?

At the start of the season, we had no expectations of winning the title and now suddenly when we have realized it we have increased our demands. Keep with Torres and have Lukaku and Sturridge as our back-up options. We should wait until the end of season to think about moving for Falcao.

Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry), Deputy Editor

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