Settling in

It was hard to take. Felt absolutely gutted. It was all set to become a brilliant match and it was all ruined with pathetic and biased officiating. With the way Chelsea were playing after drawing 2-2, the three points were in the bag at the end of 90 minutes. But Clattenburg had other ideas. With two red cards, the game was over. Despite that, there are two large positives to pick out.

First off, Chelsea were the better team –

During the entire 90 minutes, Chelsea barely gave up. After going down by 2 goals in the opening half hour, everyone knew that Chelsea would come back and come back in style. A perfect Juan-esque free kick found its way to the back of the net. Ramires then headed the ball in at the start of the second half.

It all looked good for Chelsea as they were crusing ahead in search of that 3rd goal that could win them the game. Chelsea were dominating the game and held 60 % of the possesion. Ivanovic was then red-carded for denying Young a goal scoring chance.

It clearly looked like it was non-intentional and he just wanted to get around the United player. Luck wasn’t on his side as Young was ready to go down after his heel clipped Ivanovic’s leg.

The Torres decision was purely pathetic. First off, in no way can a referee give a player, a second yellow card just like that. He did not have a clear view off it and if he did somehow still think that Torres dived, he should have warned the Spaniard. A red card for something like that shows how biased and poor the referees are in the English Premier League.Sir Alex Ferguson was breathing down the fourth official’s neck as Di Matteo debated the decision. He might be one of the best managers in the game but definitely one of the people you never have much “too much” respect for.

With Chelsea down to ten men, Chicharito equalized with an offside goal. Not for the first time as well as Nani and Smalling scored offside goals in the game Torres became famous for his howler. Even when losing , Chelsea looked like they could score. They were suddenly more threatning , but thanks to the loss of players, Chelsea had to remove their best players. The possesion rating finished at 64% to 36 % for Chelsea.

Second of all, the players are learning –

To be honest ,I thought Hazard, Oscar and Mata would be dissapointed at being substituted. But instead of that they ran back, shook their hands with the manager and patted the player that were coming on. They have settled in to the Premier League life. They know that such things will happen and it is very difficult to get back in to the game from it. They were all standing for the rest of the time as Sturridge, Ramires, Luiz and co tried to steal away atleast a point.

In the course of time, they will realise that they have to fight very hard to win the title here, which has so far been dominated by United. There’s a reason why it looks like all the major decisions go in their favor. They have commanded respect for a long time and no one wants to go against Fergie as the consequences can be severe. But the kind of attitude Chelsea showed to comeback, go down and still fight is remarkable. We can go a long way from here if the attitude of never giving up stays at Cobham.

 I won’t bother doing an analysis as there is no point in it. The scoreline would have been 3-2 or 4-2 to Chelsea without a doubt , if there were no poor decisions. Personally I cannot wait to meet them on Wednesday.

Come on Chelsea ! Carefree since 1905.
Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry), Deputy Editor


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