2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES Should Chelsea have sacked Roberto Di Matteo?

Should Chelsea have sacked Roberto Di Matteo?

Should Chelsea Have Sacked Di Matteo?

This morning, it was announced that Chelsea had parted ways with Roberto Di Matteo. Roman Abramovich’s fire-and-hire approach continues to live on. The question arises, however : Should Chelsea have sacked Roberto Di Matteo?

The answer is yes.

Roberto Di Matteo should never had been appointed as full-time manager for Chelsea. He isn’t the manager for a team that wants to compete for the EPL, FA Cup and Champions League and be successful in all 3. Ever since his days as caretaker, Di Matteo had shown his poor means of squad rotation and his lack of focus on individual games. As a caretaker, there was little pressure on Di Matteo. He wasn’t better than Ancelotti or Mourihno to win the CL, he just didn’t have pressure to do it. He had taken over AVB’s poor performances and turned it into 2 trophies. He didn’t have to win them, it would be nice to win them (and he did and it certainly is nice). Roman Abramovich wasn’t breathing down his back saying “WIN, WIN, WIN OR YOU’RE SACKED”, he let Di Matteo do his thing. Di Matteo, under no pressure, did his thing. He won the FA Cup and Champions League.

Then after that, it took the club 3 weeks, 3 WEEKS to decide if Robbie would be the next Chelsea manager. There were doubts about him being a manager of such a big club and those doubts proved through. He took the blame for defeat, something you don’t do when times are tough (because you’ll get sacked), the dressing room had unrest in it, we were struggling in all competitions and our great League form had gone down the drain in order for us to proceed in the Capitol 1 Cup and to win in Europe. Di Matteo has failed as Chelsea manager and that’s obvious. Like I said, it wasn’t that RDM was better than Ancelotti or Mourinho, things just fell into place, luck played its part, and he had no pressure on him.

Now under pressure RDM is crumbling, making silly selections, the team is losing belief, lack of discipline and togetherness on the pitch. The great managers succeed under pressure, the 99% of the rest – crumble. RDM is in 99%, no shame in that. He’s written his name in the history books as a player (one of my favourites) and as interim coach. But he’s failed as a manager.

Roberto Di Matteo is so far out of his depth, reality is he should be managing a Championship side, not Premier League contenders. Whoever decided to sell Raul Meireles though should be sacked, we finally found perfect balance with Raul + Mikel and we sold him. In the end though, RDM has only got himself to blame – too many unnecessary, stupid errors. Too safe. Too predictable. I’d love to know who thought it would be a good idea to keep Daniel Sturridge when the manager doesn’t rate him one bit? The board has a lot to answer for, I’d rather see them sacked before RDM, they won’t and somebody has got to go. (@DannyDoes).

The people who run the club aren’t too great themselves, but it’s always going to be sack a struggling manager over getting rid of all the people who run the club and we can’t afford to change all the main management of this club at a critical point in the season. The board must appoint correctly and hopefully the new man can turn it around and keep it on the bright side. Easier to sack one manager, than to replace half the team or to sack the board who lick owner’s arse. Sad reality. I said it after the West Brom defeat after his shocking mistakes there, that if we lose to Juventus – RDM has got to go. Simple really. He’s pissed away our league form for the sake of s****y league cup and a humiliating defeat in CL. Awful. We’ll probably go and pay £60 mil for Falcao in January and expect him to perform miracles in a mess of a team. Sound familiar? (@DannyDoes)



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