Should Chelsea Pursue Falcao?

Radamel Falcao has a lot going for him right now. He may not have the diabolic left foot of Messi, or the speed of Ronaldo, but his aerial ability is par excellence, and he does happen to be ambidextrous. A wily fox in the box, I’d say. At 26 years of age, he is arguably in his prime, and the next three or four years could yet be the best of his career. It is possible that his purchase proves to be just what the doctor ordered for Chelsea.

There is no greater pure No.9 in world football right now. Falcao combines the modern necessity for mobility and athleticism with a killer instinct and hunger for goals. He shouldn’t, at 5’10”, be as good in the air as he is but Falcao combines a spring akin to that of a basketball player and movement that makes him as hard to detect as an apparition to regularly embarrass defences sent to stop him. It is alarming to think that, at 26, he has not even hit his peak yet.

It is believed that club owner Roman Abramovich is ready to sanction a deal to bring Falcao to West London come January. Given all the creative talent that the club has acquired over the summer gone by, one could be tempted to argue that the Colombian’s arrival would leave the Blues with the most potent attack in Europe.

In light of this point, Radamel Falcao may not be what the club needs; he may just be diametric opposite of that. A move for him could upset the balance and harmony that Di Matteo and Eddie Newton have done so well to generate at SW6. Nonetheless, a mate of mine remarked, “If this transfer happens, it’s game over for the rest in England.” With that, he may be echoing the sentiments of many others. That is not only an exaggeration, but also exceedingly presumptuous on his part. We’ve seen big money men struggle to cut it at Stamford Bridge, and there will be a risk factor associated with Falcao too. With his tiny frame, adapting to English top flight might prove difficult for the Athletico man.

Falcao will bring goals, but could also offer Roberto Di Matteo options, something that is basically non-existent in the upfront area for the Chelsea manager at the moment. With Falcao and Torres both being world-class strikers, this gives Di Matteo an opportunity to perhaps change to a more attacking formation, should he see fit. Falcao has shown he is comfortable in a formation with two frontmen, and if Torres can get over himself and play with someone upfront with him, then Chelsea would probably have the best strike force in the world. It’s very difficult to make a case for Falcao not being a prime fit for Chelsea, such is his ability in and around the box. However, the West London side are still not known for getting down the flanks and whipping in dangerous crosses – though it did become a bigger part of their game last year – and this would require an adjustment to really allow Falcao to flourish.

Prolific, powerful, skillful and good in the air. Falcao is the only attacking option Chelsea need to be looking at if they are to be dominant domestically again.

The question arrises : Should Chelsea Pursue Radamel Falcao? I say yes, what about you?


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