Should Chelsea sack Benitez?

Many Chelsea fans were disappointed with the sacking of Di Matteo, let alone the appointment of Rafael Benitez. Fans displayed signs, banners showing their displeasure with the decision. Chants of “One Di Matteo” rang around whatever ground the Blues were at during the 16th minute. Chants of “F*** off Benitez, you’re not wanted here” were around for the first few weeks, but the lack of support towards Benitez continues and will last until he leaves. I justified the decision to sack Di Matteo and was a fan of the appointment of Benitez, but I’m eating my words on the Benitez saga. It’s not been what I expected from Rafael Benitez. He’s been inconsistent in his selection and tactics. The team hasn’t had a lot of luck, either. In the end, it comes down to him and the players. His tactics are said to confuse the players, a problem he had late on at Liverpool and Inter. When the players can’t understand everything you’re trying to institute, you’re going to have problems. That’s been evident in the past few weeks. Inconsistency, lack of finishing, midfield issues, defensive problems, injury concerns, etc. Not many things have gone right for Benitez and the failure in Japan, as well as the recent struggles have stained Benitez’s temporary reign at Chelsea. He had a simple task, beat Monterrey (easy opponent) and beat Corinthians in the Final (decent opponent), but he couldn’t win in the Final. A 1-0 loss to the South American giants left us shocked with Chelsea and mostly Torres. Fernando Torres and Benitez are very good friends and Rafa can get the best out of him. He had him firing in goals for a period of time, but then Torres lost confidence and wasn’t performing. That’s a huge issue. The signing of Demba Ba was supposed to be a fix for the situation, but that didn’t work out as planned. Demba Ba now has a broken nose and he’s scored 3 since arriving from Newcastle in 8 matches. A decent return for a newcomer, but not that impressive for a prolific and proven goal-scorer in the EPL. Benitez’s idea to play Ramires-Lampard together is catastrophic, it’s never worked and it never will. With Mikel and Moses in AFCON, we’ve struggled at those positions – Moses’ physicality and pace is irreplaceable while Mikel’s composure as well as defensive solidness is also irreplaceable. With January’s window closing, Benitez didn’t sign anyone but Demba Ba – something that concerned me. We need a holding midfielder and the options were there, but weren’t taken. Diame and Fellaini were off huge interest, but those deals fell through as Chelsea lost interest in both. The inconsistency has me worried as well, how can 1 team play so well then crash, specifically in the late stages of a match? Or win impressively then lose to small clubs at home? It’s been characteristic of Chelsea to struggle in the winter months of the season, but never has it been this bad. A manager that few fans like and support, a misfiring attack, an inconsistent team and no action from the board/Roman. It’s a new level of what Chelsea have become – a team on track to fail. Our pride has been combined with our ambitions, and that’s led to this mess. A handful of bad decisions since Summer of 2011 have appeared – selling Meireles (who was excellent alongside Mikel), loaning out Essien (he would come in handy right now), sacking Ancelotti (he finished 2nd before sacking), sacking Di Matteo only to see Benitez as replacement (fans went wild). No one could of predicted this, crazy twists under both managers this season constantly. However, there’s a question I must ask – what good would sacking Benitez do? Who would replace him for 3 months? Sacking Benitez would just add to our problems and pile the pressure on us. I’d rather just accept some changes and work towards staying 3rd and at least getting a top 4 finish. Arsenal and Tottenham could really compete with us for this goal (3rd or 4th finish). It would please the fans, but not the players. It would confuse them even more – 3rd set of tactics within only a few months. It’s tough on them and what coach would come to Chelsea for 3 months? Especially considering our owners/boards pressure and our general problems. No manager would want this job for such a short period within any guarantees. I just don’t see a purpose or positive in firing Benitez, especially with rumours that Jose Mourinho is heading to Chelsea with Benitez going to Real Madrid. I wouldn’t sack Rafa and possibly jepordize that move. I say we wait until the summer and finish 3rd or 4th, then work from there to get a new coach that best suits Chelsea. My votes go to Jose Mourinho, Guus Hiddink or Jurgen Klopp.


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