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Smart Business by Jose: Why was it right to let Juan Leave?

Mata and Moyes

Juan Mata arrived at Carrington training base ahead of a switch to Manchester United.

Juan Mata has been pictured arriving at Manchester United’s Carrington training base by helicopter on Saturday morning and the switch is only subject to medical to be completed. Jose Mourinho confirmed the deal was struck between the two sides on his press conference on Friday. He said that it was Juan Mata’s wish to leave and play regularly at a top club in an important year with the World Cup right in the horizon this summer.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho praised the Spanish midfielder on Friday, saying: ‘Nobody here is jumping because Juan is leaving. After that, it’s the way you look at things. Would Chelsea supporters be happy if we stop a fantastic person they all like a lot from going and say you can only go if you go to Russia or China or France or Portugal?

‘I don’t know if Chelsea supporters would be happy because we are an open club. We don’t have an old-fashioned way to look at things. But Juan had a fantastic opportunity. Another big club wants him in a country where he loves to be. We had an offer which was the right offer a player of his quality.’

But, the Portuguese didn’t deny that the move was agreed in part for the club to be in the green for the upcoming Financial Fair Play rules that will take effect starting from the current season. Chelsea make more than 10m pound profit from the amount we paid Valencia in 2011 for the Spanish maestro. He ended up playing a crucial part in three important trophies including two amazing corners that produced a winning goals for two European successes in two years.

Mou with Oscar

Cool: Chelsea are set to make more than £10m profit on Mata, with Mourinho referencing Financial Fair Play

This season, Jose Mourinho preferred Oscar more than Juan Mata for the No. 10 spot and said many times that Juan Mata should adapt to the situation and acclimatize to the right winger spot. For that, he would have to track back and defend when the team isn’t in possession which is a different role than he ever had to do since he arrived at Chelsea.

He had it difficult to break into the starting 11 even from the bench lately after winning the player of the year award two years in consecutive. But, there is no denying of his professionalism and his dedication for the Chelsea fans that have adored him since he came and continue to do so with well wishes on his move to Manchester United.

Every fan is entitled to his/hers opinion and mine is that the club made an important and beneficial decision in letting him earn his wish and move to a top club. The move is beneficial to Juan and for the club since it’s the right offer. And considering that Man Utd are in poor poor form with a lot to rebuild in the squad, it isn’t an issue of Mata scuppering our title chances by joining a great rival. He isn’t moving to Man City nor to Arsenal were he could have managed to hurt as badly.

But, after all, I won’t be disappointed at him by even scoring on us while playing for the red devils. And that’s the personal respect and admiration I have had for him as a person and as a great player. In terms of financial POV, the move is beneficial to comply with the FFP rules and spend more to strengthen the squad that is doing well in the premier league at the moment.

The arrival of Mohamed Salah from FC Basel is an important deal for the future of the club since the player who haunted us twice in the Champions league this season is just 21 years of age. In addition, we have let go of the want-away Kevin De Bruyne, another smart move by Jose Mouirnho and also Michael Essien. This players weren’t happy with their roles and couldn’t help the team as Mourinho would like to. At the end of the day, the right moves were taken as all 3 players were granted their wish leave and also with the right amount of money coming in.

Mohamed Salah vs CFC

His future and immediate replacement is January buy Mohamed Salah from FC Basel for 11m Pound. Speedy and industrial counter attacking winger that fits Jose Mourinho’s style!

Nimanja Matic and Mohamed Salah are two players that fit into Mourinho’s style perfectly and they would benefit the team more in the future than in the present.

After all, I want to extend my sincerest wish to Juan Mata to do well at Manchester United and earn a place in the Spain national team for the World Cup this summer. Thanks for the contribution made for this club in your two and a half years and good luck for the future. You will remain in our hearts forever. Love, Peace and Happiness to Juan, Essien and De Bruyne!!

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