Still No Bids For Hulk?

The Saga goes on: Hulk

Porto’s number 12 and Brazilian’s ace future is still dubious. Chelsea,PSG are the two clubs who have been hotly linked with Hulk. Along with them Madrid,Arsenal and Spurs are also somewhere in the mix.
Hulk earlier this month admitted he is interested in moving to Stamford Bridge this summer. He told Sky Sports-

“Chelsea are the current European champions and would please any player and I’m no exception,” he said and he added “I’d be happy if the transfer happened.” 

Exclusive reports from football411.com read as follows-
Real Madrid, Paris St Germain and Arsenal have all been linked with the Brazil ace, who looks set to stay at Estadio do Dragao next season as suitors seem to be put off by his club’s massive asking price.

Hulk has since dangled a carrot in front of the Blues after recently telling the media they are the only team he would like to play for besides Dragoes.The Portuguese giants remain adamant no bids have been tabled for their prized talisman, although they do seem keen to let him go.

“At the moment, Porto have not been contacted by any club to discuss the sale of our player,” FC Porto president Pinto da Costa told Sky Sports.

“There are no offers on the table. That is the truth, despite what the papers say about Chelsea and PSG. Those stories are simply ridiculous rumors. If you believe what they say, Hulk has already left us.

If you want to read the in depth report about Hulk and his ownership related clauses I would request you to read this

If Hulk does really come he might even fill the void that Didier has left…..

Well could it be possible that the Blues haven’t yet made any official contact to Hulk’s agent or to the Portugese champions? The way I see it Porto don’t want their one of the most prized assets to leave them yet. They are very keen to keep him and don’t want to publicize otherwise it could complicate matters even more for the Portugese champions. Yes the Blues would have contacted Porto for Hulk but looks like the Porto don’t want to disclose it yet or agree that the negotiations are still going on.

If Porto do sell him I’m sure they would want to properly cash on him. And I think Hulk deserves that big price tag. He’s undoubtedly one of the most prolific strikers out their. Chelsea will have to battle hard if they want the Brazilian striker to become a BLUE. Hulk is the solution to all of Chelsea’s attack related problems and will be a huge hit if he comes to the Bridge. With himself admitting that Chelsea is the only club he’s interested in otherwise he might just stay at Porto. Now it all comes down to Roman I believe, if our Russian inherent  wants the the rebuilding to be done to the core and wants to add more depth to the squad so that Chelsea can cope up on all stages be it Domestic,European or the World Championships he’ll have to pay big.

The transfer window is yet open and the Blues should look at all the options available if somehow they don’t manage to acquire the services of Porto’s tailsmanic striker.

Well till then KTBFFH as always….

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