STRIKING REPORT: Di Matteo To Make Official Bid For Edinson Cavani

STRIKING REPORT: Di Matteo To Make Official Bid For Edinson Cavani

Everyday, more and more sources are coming out and reporting that Cavani is closing in on a move to Stamford Bridge. Recently, IBTimes, The Daily Star, The London Evening Standard, Tribal Football and many more reported that Di Matteo is going to make an official bid for Cavani worth nearby €35M.

Chelsea have recently announced that Lukaku has joined West Brom on a season long loan which was seen coming long time ago. Now this leaves us with only Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge upfront. It is pretty obvious that we need atleast another striker now for a healthy squad depth, a healthy competition and to give Di Matteo options upfront. As of now Arsenal have Oliver Giroud, Pololski, Van Persie and Chammak who are all decent strikers. City have got Balotelli, Kun Aguero, Tevez and Dzeko and Manchester United have Danny Welback, Rooney, Chicharito and possibly Van Persie soon. Looking at the options all these teams have upfront automatically proves to us that we need to reinforce our striking department.

Now over the past couple of weeks we have been heavily linked with basically 4 strikers: Cavani, Schürrle,
Moses and Hulk. Our interest in Hulk is pretty much increasingly fading because of the stubbornness of FC
Porto’s asking price. €60M for Hulk is just not an option. Moses is a good player but I pretty much feel that he would be more of a squad player than a main or secondary striker who would give Torres or Sturridge a healthy competition. Ron has been trying to close in a deal for Moses for atleast 4 weeks now but their chairman is reluctant to get a high price which could be around £10M and £10M for Moses is be like day robbery. Now coming to Schürrle, he is a highly talented player with alot of potential. At the age of 21 he could fit perfectly into the Chelsea side but Bayer Leverkusen are reluctant to sell him as they have worries in finding a cheap and reliably replacement which sounds pretty silly. Schürrle has officially been a subject of 2 bids by Chelsea worth €20 and €23 respectively, but both were rejected. Schürrle has even gone public about his desire to join Chelsea but at the same time he stated that he would respect Leverkusen’s decision of not selling him. So, we have a slight chance for him if only we try at the closing stages but it still remains a questions.

Now finally coming to Cavani, he is probably the player that I would love to see at Stamford Bridge. He is fast, pacy, strong, aggressive, strong in the air and on the ball and composed player. All his attributies are pretty similar to Drogba and he would be perfect for his role at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea have reportedly already opened talks with Napoli after the Serie A club revealed that they are ready to cash in on the striker. Chelsea officials are now expected to move in with an official offer for the Uruguayan international.

Napoli were originally asking over £60 million for the 25-year-old forward but have now conceded to accepting a cut price offer of nearer £27 million. The Serie A side are interested in taking Chelsea’s Raul Meireles who is rated at £8 million, so some kind of swap deal is not being ruled out.

Now all these factors clearly make him a favorite to join Chelsea. Cavani is versatile and can play anywhere across the front line, but he is seen by Chelsea as more of a target man to help fill the hole left by Didier Drogba who left earlier in the summer. The striker has scored an incredible 66 goals in just 94 appearances within his two seasons at Napoli, and has impressed pundits and supporters alike throughout the world making him one of the hottest properties in football.

Several sources including the Italian press, IBTimes, The London Evening Standard and Daily Star have reported that Di Matteo is ready to make an official offer for Cavani which hopefully would bring Cavani to Stamford Bridge. For me he is more that the perfect man upfront in place of Drogba who could give rival teams a huge headache. He would also open alot of options for Di Matteo upfront and would give Torres and Sturridge one hell of a healthy competition.

Now lets talk a bit about Raul Meireles heading in the opposite direction. Well as we all know Napoli have recently sold important players like Lavezzi so they need an experienced midfielder and for them Raul Meireles would be perfect. For Chelsea, Meireles is a good squad player but if he helps in decreasing Cavani’s price it would be perfect for us because as well all know he is closing in on his 30’s and wont get any better or young so it would benefit both the teams.

Thats pretty much all I have as of now regarding there reports and rumours. I personally hope that this deal gets done and wrapped up ASAP and all goes well. 

What do you guys think about Cavani and the prospect of him joining us? What about Meireles going the other way and our other targets?

I’d love to hear from you so keep your thoughts and views coming in below.

Stay glued to Chelsea FC 360 for the latest and best as it happens. KTBFFH!

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