Tactical Analysis: FC Nordsjaelland 0-4 Chelsea FC

 Tactical Analysis: FC Nordsjaelland 0-4 Chelsea FC

A decisive win for Chelsea as they picked up 3 points to go on top of their group table. The 4-0 scoreline doesn’t do justice to the Danish Champions who played really well against the European Champions.

Lets have a look at how Di Matteo’s boys moved about.

I had done the prematch tactical analysis as well, which can be read here 
These are the points which turned out to be correct
#1 – The Danes sticking to their philosophy.
I had clearly mentioned that they were the Barcelona of Denmark but they had no experience of facing a tough European team. They refused to move from their philosophy and tried to play their way out of their own half. This resulted in a goal.

#2 – Pace factor and Moses HAS to start
I had mentioned that we needed pace and Di Matteo did just that by putting on Moses. Moses gave us that extra hunger for goals whenever we counter-attacked and despite him being substituted for Hazard, he had a good game.
#3 – Starting with H/M/O

Another point I had mentioned. Only two of them should start so that we can rest at least one play maker for the game against Norwich. Hazard came on in the second half and we went on to score 3 goals.

#4 – Ramires HAS to start and the Lampard / Mikel part
I had stated that he had to start and he did. Brilliantly played with Lampard in the double pivot and despite some shaky moments, Chelsea survived with a clean-sheet. Mikel could be rested for the game and Di Matteo opted for that but Lampard gave in a good performance for the boss to re-evaluate his options.
#5 – Torres must press
Torres pressed well enough to earn Chelsea’s goal. He robbed the Nordsjaelland defender from the ball, played it to Lampard who set up Mata. He looks very hungry and things are definitely going his way.

#6 – Importance of fullbacks was well highlighted
Cole and Ivanovic were always a threat when they darted forward and the partnership of Ivan and Ramires was definitely a strong point in Chelsea’s decisive score-line. 
Mtliga and John are like Baines and Piennar of Everton. They combine well with each other and Shakthar had problems dealing with them. Despite some scary incidents the Brazillian – Serbian partnership worked well once again as they controlled attack and defense.
These are the points which turned out to be wrong –

# 1 Cesar over Branislav
In my opinion Cesar offered us more in attack but Di Matteo opted for the Serbian to start. No regrets there, he played well.
There are many situations that I could pick out, that made me think different.
One of them was choosing the Luiz – Cahill partnership.
These two boys together won us the Champions League in Munich, but I believed that Terry would start, as he was banned for our Premier League games but in my opinion Di Matteo wanted to solidify the partnership of Luiz and Cahill as Terry was going to miss important games. Smart move from the Italian.
Oscar understands the modern game.
He dived once during the game and the referee continued the play. We have never had many divers at Chelsea, with the exception of Drogba, but it looks like the No.11 jersey is destined for drama. Oscar went to the floor against Stoke as well whereas Luiz did a funny one against Arsenal.
Cech will be saving us again.
He pushed the ball to the bar once and pulled out two-three important saves. He will once again be pivotal in our success. A clean sheet can go a long way and Chelsea have to be happy with the three points.
The game was very much entertaining as the Danes played their tiki-taka and the blues went around foolishly trying to stop them. When we reached the half-hour mark, I realized this game would be tough. Thanks to the lack of experience of Chelsea’s opposition and brilliant intricate play by the young boys in blue, Chelsea could put 4 past them.
return game will be more entertaining for sure !

Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry), Deputy Editor

ChelseaFC 2012- 13 | Here To Impress | HD

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