The Florent Malouda Case – The Ugly Side Of Chelsea FC


I bet each and every one of us remember the guy, who was one of the key reasons why Chelsea did the domestic double in 2009-10 season. Fans loved him, oppositions feared him, and neutrals enjoyed him. He was one of the most energetic and visionary players in the league that season, which over-shadowed all the previous seasons he struggled to make his impact in the team. But where does he stand now? As a forgotten man, a man who has been robbed off his stature at Chelsea FC.

Most of us have been supporting Chelsea FC for more than a decade now, and I could bet that there would be fewer things of the club that you would be more ashamed of. And what was his crime? He was asked to find himself a new club, and he refused to, claiming he wanted to leave the club only if the money is worth it, or else he’d rather end his career with the club we all adore so much. I don’t believe that such a small mistake deserves such a massive punishment at all.

This punishment thing wasn’t the first of its kind by Chelsea FC, the season earlier AVB had banished Nicolas Anelka and Alex from the first team because they requested to put them on the transfer list. And the season after, Flo Mo and Paulo Ferierra were banished, by RDM it seems, but I can’t much digest the thing as RDM is not known to be a man who can be this harsh to anyone. (Ofcourse I’m wearing my heart upon my sleeves saying this out) Gladly for Paulo, Rafael Benitez came to his rescue and called him back to the first team, and also gave him his much deserved opportunities here and there through the span of his reign. But somewhy the management didn’t allow Florent Malouda to be rescued as well.

“I would like to have a contract until 2014, with the objective of playing the [2014] World Cup in mind. I would like that it is clear for everyone – I see myself finishing my career at Chelsea. Even my five-year-old son wants to sign there!” – Florent Malouda (31/05/11)

I’m certainly not saying that Chelsea FC would had been a better club if Florent Malouda had been in the first team, his displays towards the end were already showing lack of pace, passion and vision, all the qualities that had made him stand out against many other wingers in the Premier League. He didn’t have the acute dribbling of Aaron Lennon, nor did he have the occasional long ranger thunderbolt ability of Nani, but what he had was quite unique. He knew how to work towards the weakness of his opposition and take full advantage to it. He even had a knack of getting us important goals at vital times. He even sat back as a left back when our team didn’t have players to cover Ashley Cole’s position,and he even did an impressive job over there. And I remember how proudly I had bragged to my friends about Florent Malouda being ‘The Best Winger’ of the 2009-10 season, and claiming that his passion for the club is going to help him retire at Chelsea FC as a man who lives through eternity as a legend, though all hopes of mine were shattered shortly, and I looked like the fool who made dreams without realizing the ugly side of football.


For Chelsea FC to grow as a club, it needs to do more than just win trophies, a football club these days doesn’t just make its name and fame by being host to trophies, but many other factors, which also includes the way the management behaves with its staff. Whatever maybe the reason, the world now looks at Chelsea FC as a club where managers gets sacked, legends gets disposed off, and players gets banished! Certainly not how we all want to see our beloved Chelsea FC being showcased to the footballing world.

And about Flo Mo, he looked around for mercy, from his manager, from his team mates, from his staff, and from us fans. He received none. There would an occasional rant on twitter now and then showing how much he loathed the club right now for demoting him to the reserve team, and I wouldn’t blame him a bit about it, as I often hang my head in shame whenever his name comes across my twitter timeline. What a waste of talent, what a shame for the club, what an annoying situation! I just hope that now that his contract expires after this season, he can resume his career elsewhere and hopefully forgive Chelsea FC for tormenting him, and us fans for forgetting him!

What do you think about this situation that Florent Malouda is in? Is he to blame for whats happening to him? Or who do you think is responsible for it? Do you miss him? Do share you views and thoughts with us through the comments section. We’d love to know what you think about the issue. Now I know Flo-Mo won’t be seeing this article of ours, but if someday he happens to go through, maybe he realizes how sorry we are to abandon him,and that even if he is no longer with us, we still remember him! 

You could even tweet him your messages at @realflorentm



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