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David Luiz: The Man Who Can Change The Outlook Of Defenders

Defenders are traditionally viewed as warriors, not beautiful, but brave, and fearless. When it is the strikers and midfielders who steal the show, these defenders are almost forgotten most of the times. And then you will really have to praise the kinds of Nesta, Maldini, Terry, Vidic, Puyol, and many others who settled their names into the minds of the viewers even while playing from the defense. They became symbols of ‘sacrifice’, ‘courage’, and so on. Was there a ‘beautiful’ defender in the history of football? Maybe Maicon and Roberto Carlos, who played as wing backs, but in the current Generation, there is still hope! And yes, he too is a gifted Brazilian.


I am pretty sure that most of you might have guessed whom I am very well gonna brag about now, our very own Geezer, David Luiz. Bought for 25m Euros + Nemanja Matic, in the transfer window which was highlighted for us purchasing Torres from Liverpool. It is pretty amazing how David managed to outshine many others even after being a defender. I won’t lie that I was worried about the hefty price we paid for him at first, anyways, isn’t it rare for a team to shell out more than 20m for a defender these days? Little did I know how priceless it was going to be to see the lad play for our club.

David made his debut against Liverpool, for a few minutes, and already he had bullied more than one Liverpool players off the ball. In his first full debut, he conceded a penalty, in an otherwise excellent display. And from there on, there was little doubt over his quality. He scored over Manchester United with a beautiful volley which got thrills to every Chelsea fan’s mind. And in his next full season, he stood among our legendary five of Cech, Terry, LampARD, Ashley and Didier, with his performances. He even rifled a flawless penalty in the shootout against Bayern Munich past Neuer. And it was said that David Luiz played with an injury in the finals, and refused to let Di Matteo substitute him as he knew Chelsea had no other option on the bench. That is a fine example of the passion he has for the game, and the club.

David Luiz has won over the fans not only by his displays on the field, but also through social networking, through twitter.  He has never been shy to speak his mind out to his fans, and we all love him for that.

What puts David Luiz a step ahead of most defenders is not his defensive abilities, but his ability to play offensive from the back, though it is true that it often leaves us over exposed at times. He has excellent vision to pass, a flawless technique for long passes, and also jaw dropping techniques to score goals, either in open play or ‘that David Luiz’ technique, as it is commonly called these days, for free kicks. While defending too, he is offensive, he doesn’t like to stay back and wait for the striker to make a move, instead he rushes onto the sriker, forcing him to make an error, or bully him off the ball. These are not the normal characteristics of a defender, which created doubts as to whether he actually is more likely to end up being a defensive midfielder sooner or later, a position which he has handled superbly in recent times.

As a human being, David Luiz is known well for his childish behavior, yet caring and pleasant. He has done his bit of charity, spends time with his fans, and a smile, that not only has won him fan girls, but also fan boys. He didn’t shy off from openly apologizing to Brentford youngster Jake Reeves for his rather harsh tackle. And more notably, he can be noted for accepting the apology from rival striker Sergio Aguero for his two footed lunge on Luiz, claiming that he knows that it was just a few seconds of rage by the usually timid Argentine.

All of these has made him a target for Spanish giants Barcelona who looks upto him as a long term replacement for an aging Carles Puyol, and has offered upto 40m for the defender,however I know that Chelsea knows more than that, either ways, money isn’t a big issue for our owner Roman Abramovich, who is rather keen to make David Luiz the captain of the club from the next season onwards. And moreover, David Luiz hismeslf is more interested in continuing his Brazilian romance with Chelsea for longer rather than moving onto anew club any time sooner, and he showed this by signing a long term contract recently.

Yes, ofcourse he is not yet perfect, his personality isn’t, his technique isn’t, he can be seen getting over physical with oppositions, but whatever he does, he does it with grace. Any other player seen laughing after a kick by Rafael yesterday would be called crazy, but when it is David Luiz, you know that crazy just does not quite describe him!

 Hope you like reading this article on our Geezer. Do leave your thoughts and views in the comments section below. I’d very much appreciate it! Cheers! KTBFFH!


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