The Midfield Dilemma

The Midfield Dilemma

Many Chelsea fans think that the big selection problem for Roberto Di Matteo will be the attack. Where will he put Hazard? Will Ramires play? What about Torres? While believe selecting an attack will be a headache for Roberto, I think there is a bigger problem. I like to call it, The midfield dilemma. Our usual midfield was the pair of Frank Lampard and John Obi Mikel, who performed wonderfully during the latter part of our double winning season. However, with the arrival of Oscar, that usual midfield will probably be changed. I will be evaluating the possible line-up with their pros and cons.

Pros: The major pro is going back to a set up Chelsea are used to, the ability of Lampard to both defend and attack (however slow Lampard is getting up the pitch) helps the team build up an attack. The ability of Mikel to hassle off opponents behind the midfield and bring it up the attack benefits the team.

Cons: What was saw last season in this combination, was our slow building up the attack. Both Mikel and Lampard aren’t the fastest and therefore take longer to build up an attack which allows the opposing team to get back to their positions and pressure our attack.

Pros: The attacking minded Oscar and the defensive minded Mikel will give the team much needed pace in the attack, the ability of Oscar to build an attack of something out of nothing is something Chelsea need greatly. With Oscar’s attacking minded style and Mikel’s defensive, we will be a force to be reckoned with.

Cons: This combination will affect us greatly while we are defending, because Mikel is used to play with a Lampard, someone who can support him while the other team is attacking. While Oscar is great at setting up chances, he lacks in defending, which will leave us vulnerable.

Pros: All out attack. With the vision of Lampard and Oscar of setting up attacks, with the support of Mata, Hazard, Marin etc. We will be relentless in attack. Both players great vision will help us in the attack greatly.

Cons: Again we will be vulnerable in the back, without a holding midfielder in Mikel we will be very vulnerable in the defense because John Terry and co, will need an experienced holding midfielder to support them. While I believe Oscar and Lampard can do the job, it will still be a challenge, especially against the big teams.

I personally think we should field the Mikel-Oscar combination because Oscar has the vision and also has the pace to move backwards and forwards. Although we will be a bit more vulnerable in the defense, but what we lack in that, we will make up with goals.

Di Matteo obviously has a big selection headache overall, but selecting a proper midfield is something I believe he will have big problems in. Our midfield is full of talented player, but it is up to Di Matteo to pick a midfield that will make us hard to defeat.

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