The Ones That Got Away

Though it can be undoubtedly said that we have a really good squad at the moment, and also was strong in the past, there are a few names that rush into my mind when I think about what we could had been. We were more or less linked with them, but maybe not too keenly, maybe we just got rejected in the end or maybe no one ever thought we were a perfect match. But here goes my list of players who Chelsea should had snapped up, and who could had taken us to another level. It is my own views, yours may differ widely. Here it goes:

1)      Sergio Aguero:

This is the first name that comes into my head in this category. Why? Because many of us idolized him since the time he was at Athletico Madrid and had shone in the game against us. Sergio Aguero was listed as a potential ‘Next Big Thing’ to emerge in the World Football, and for me, he has a potential to do a lot more than he currently has achieved.

After the game at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League, where ‘El Kun’ gave Chelsea a scare scoring both goals to lift Athletico from being 2-0 down, he came out and said that he would like to join Chelsea FC, and would fit in with the team like a ‘sock in a shoe.’

However, as we know, the deal never materialized, and he ended up joining our rivals Man City instead. Aguero has been a revelation for Man City, and has scored some really impressive goals, like the one against Liverpool and also the dramatic one against QPR that won them the title off the hands of Man Utd.

It can only be dreamed off how well he would had fit in with our Mazacar and Moses and others. And also because he is not your typical finisher, he likes dropping in deep, and getting involved, he would never had struggled at Stamford Bridge.Image

2)      Robinho:

Oh yes, one of the flops in the Premier League. And many of us were relieved that he ditched us in the last minute to join Man City. But to be frank, he had a great potential. I don’t know what happened at Man City, but he was at a level to be reckoned with, and had the potential to be standing up along with the kinds of Cristiano and Messi in terms of pure skill. He was not only a showboat, but also had a knack to get in the right places for scoring or assisting. God knows if he had been managed better, how good he could had gotten.

It has been a steady decline in his career ever since he ditched us and join Man City, well, mate, something called Karma does exist it seems.Image

3)      Carlos Tevez:

Okay, now it might seem that I am envying all the players Man City bought, but I just can’t leave out this guy. He was the only player at United that I liked, because of his attitude to the game. And he has also been kindof a nemesis for us since long time. When Carlos was booted out of United, Chelsea FC also had tried a shot at bringing him in to the Bridge, but never too seriously. People may argue that he has a bad attitude and is better not to be with us, but I’d say he was just misunderstood most of the times, but yeah, he did have a ‘Big Player’ attitude at some stage.

First case when he was misunderstood was when he was kicked out of United, people said he was arrogant and didn’t deserve a place at United. But the truth was that he wanted to stay at Old Trafford and had issued pleas to the manager on more than one occasions to not let him go. He even showed Alex Ferguson at one point of time that the fans wanted him to stay too, but eventually Alex Ferguson didn’t think he wasn’t worth the 32m-ish price tag that was over him.

He is a fabulous player on the pitch nevertheless, like Aguero, he gets mixed with the midfield and gets involved effectively, and can be dangerous any moment for the opposition, like we have witnessed so many times. Image

4)      Luka Modric:

Luka Modric was a player that I loved at Tottenham Hotspur, and I hate Spurs for blocking his move to Chelsea when he desperately wanted to come. He is like a little magician who can find the best of passes in the tightest of situations. And over that, he desperately wanted to join us, and even threatened Tottenham about committing professional suicide by retiring from football. But it all didn’t work at all.

What enraged me even more is that Spurs sold him to Real Madird, for a fee not much far away that Chelsea had offered. And though his career didn’t bloom as much as it was expected to at Real Madrid, I wouldn’t mind having him this summer at a cut price, because I know of his quality and class. Wolverhampton Wanderers v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

5)      Andy Carroll:

Oh yes, the 35m flop of Liverpool, yes, he is in my list of people we missed out on. Just because even Didier Drogba called him out to join at Chelsea FC to replace himself. Andy Carroll is the perfect definition of a proper striker that the Premier league has at the moment. He must have been a flop for Liverpool, but at the time when he joined Liverpool, his game suited more of Chelsea’s game. He was strong in the air, was dominating, and could make the most of the not-so-best balls, just like Drogba himself. And I had thought of him to be the perfect successor for the King. But then, we have Lukaku now, and I don’t regret missing out on Carroll much.Image

Do you think any of these players would make it to your list of ‘the one’s that got away’? Or if not, who else do you think suits the title. Do let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading this article. Cheers!


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