2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES The Passing Game: Where We Went Horribly Wrong Against Atletico

The Passing Game: Where We Went Horribly Wrong Against Atletico

To be honest, we didn’t get anything right against Atletico. We lacked any sharpness in front of goal, & the defence was in shambles to say the least. And while both these aspects have me worried, what really concerns me was our passing game.

You could wonder why I’m worried about our passing, when it was our defending that lost us the game. The defending is something I believe Roberto Di Matteo will sort our immediately. But the way we attacked against Atletico Madrid was worrisome to say the least.

Post-match analysis showed that Chelsea had 46% possession & Atletico 54%. But that was mostly due to Atletico keeping the ball for long periods in the second half. During the first half, Chelsea dominated possession. But the team lacked any penetration. That wasn’t because we had fielded a weak team, but simply because we weren’t moving the ball fast enough. The passes being played were either sideways or backwards, which is not a great thing to see.

Due to the fact that the ball wasn’t being moved forward often enough, the team failed to bring Fernando Torres into the game. Frank Lampard had a game to forget, & was never really able to bring the attacking trio of Hazard-Mata-Torres into the game. Ramires looked completely out of place on the right-wing. The midfield appeared to be playing a game of keep-ball, which meant that Torres had to constantly wait for a pass that never came. When Chelsea did move the ball forward, our wing-backs Ashley Cole & Branislav Ivanovic were able to push forward. But this didn’t happen often enough. Ash was rarely involved in any of our attacks, while Ivanovic banged one poor cross after another into the box.

All in all, we made the exact same mistakes that we made in pre-season. But this isn’t pre-season anymore. We need to stop making those mistakes if we are to continue winning trophies this season.

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