The (possible) Future of Frank Lampard

The (possible) Future of Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard has been a pivotal player for Chelsea since arrivingfrom West Ham in 2001. At 34, Frankie will soon see his position in the team being fought for by younger talent, and will need to start planning his future. Justin Cormick takes a look at a number of options available to Super-Frank.

Do a Ryan Giggs?
United’s veteran midfielder turns 38 this year, and has proven to still be a key player for the Red Devils. As Alex Richard explains, Lamps has seen his role as the team’s attacking midfielder evolve as he recently droppeddeep into the holding midfield. In this position Frankie was able to lead Chelsea to the Champions League trophy. If he remains at Chelsea, Frank will undoubtedly see his role continue to change, becoming less of a key starting player and more of a reliable squad member.
However, Frank’s contract expires at the end of this season, and rumour suggests that Chelsea have no plans to renew it.Lampard has been quoted as saying he will not rule out anything yet, but is waiting for Chelsea to make a decision regarding his future. So if the Blues decide they no longer need the services of Super-Frank, he will have a number of options to choose from.
Do a Michael Ballack? 
The former German captain left Chelsea in 2010 to return to Bayer Leverkusen, the club where he made his first breakthrough. Frankie may choose to return to his first club, West Ham, where his father also played.
During the AVB period there were rumours that Lampard, unhappy with his lack of game time, would return to his former club. However with RDM taking over and Lampard returned to the starting eleven, this never came about. With his game time beginning to be reduced once more, perhaps this may still be an option for the ex-Hammer.
Do a Drogba? 
 After winning last season’s Champions League, the Drog departed Chelsea to join Anelka at Shanghai Shenhua.Lampard may choose to follow his former team-mates to the Chinese Super League.
Reports have stated that Chinese club GuizhouRenhe have contacted Lampard regarding a transfer. There are other claims, however, that after talking with Drogba, Frank decided he would prefer to play in a more competitive league.
Do a Timmy Cahill? 
The Aussie was a key midfielder for the blue team from Liverpool for 8 years before his move to the big money of the New York Red Bulls. Frankie could choose to leave London’s blue club for Major League Soccer.
Reports suggest Lampard will be leaving for America during the summer transfers, perhaps to join former England team-mate David Beckham in Los Angeles. 
Do a Heskey? 
The 34 year old former England international recently signed for Australia’s Newcastle Jets, joining other recent imports, Italian Del Piero and Japanese Shinji Ono.It may be unlikely, but perhapsLampardcould become another marquee player in the league down under. 
Unfortunately for A-league fans there are no rumours regarding an Australian exodus for Super Frank. But with the reception provided for their current marque players, Frank could at least consider the option.
Do a Gary Neville? 
After nine years at Manchester United, Gary Neville chose retirement over transferring to another club or league. It appears, thankfully, that Lampard is determined to continue playing football, and if not at Chelsea then somewhere else.
While Lampard’s retirement would seem to be some time away, his fans should not be too sad when he finally does hang up his boots. Lampard hasexplained he hasconsider becoming a football manager, but only with Chelsea.
Whichever option Lamps choses, he will find supporting fans all over the world, and undoubtedly has the skills and talent to continue playing and eventually managing the game.
Share your comments below. Which option is most likely? What other options are available for Frankie? Let us know what you think.

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