2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES This is Chelsea Football Club, and we don't give up

This is Chelsea Football Club, and we don't give up

A well fought draw. Significance? Potential title decider.
A disappointing draw. Significance? London derby.
A humiliating loss. Significance? London derby.

I’m afraid. So afraid that it looks like all our dreams and aspirations have been broken down by one single move. Despite seeing good and bad times, what Chelsea are going through right now, hurts. Heart-breaking to say the least.

Who can we blame our results on?

Rafa? The most hated man in all of West London finds the cojones to bring himself to the most dangerous job in all off football. The man who tightened up our defense for us and quietly takes all the stick he’s getting from , everywhere around him.

The players are down and out. The team spirit has been broken since the Italian left the training ground. Despite that, the atmosphere can be repaired, if properly attended to. Attended to with care, love, support and belief.

Do the fans have that? Booing your team manager in front of the players has got to be one of the most shameful acts the beautiful game can ever witness. Yes the “FSW” said something years before. Do we still have to barge him for that? Do we still have to curse him when the players are taking instructions from him?

Not once in my life have I seen such a shameful support as the one we had at the Bridge against Manchester City. Any professional football player, no matter how much experience he has under his belt, will feel down and out, every time he enters the pitch to play for his jersey.

Forgetting everything about the results, what I’ve experienced the most is how “fans” of other clubs ask me how does it feel. How does it feel to see your team after having such a bright start, fall apart right in front of your eyes? Why do you still support them?

Give up?

I’ll confess. Sometimes I think twice about such a touchy subject.

It’s hard to not stop yourself from going green inside, when you see United and Arsenal’s stability , splendid financial control, incredible stature among rival fans and other qualities that are desirable.

After thinking long and hard about it, you finally realize. Take a moment, and put yourself in my shoes.

I saw Chelsea lose 2-0 to Bradford City back in the 2000’s. Long before the rubles  the classy railings at the shed end, exquisite VIP boxes and Lucozade’s as energy drinks at the sidelines. I’ve seen this club being built. I’ve seen us being torn apart, and soon come back again.

I’ve seen us go through a barren run, and still bounce back. Last season showed the true spirit of being a Chelsea supporter, as despite all the negativity, and all other supporters told us, we stuck through our team and achieved the holy grail.

Will I give up on Rafa, Roman and Chelsea? No, I probably never will and I urge you all to not. It’s dark, dark times and when the clouds hit us, we better be united.

Keep faith and march on. Nordsjaelland, we are coming for you !

You won’t beat Valencia, they said

You won’t beat Napoli, they said

You won’t beat Benfica, they said

You won’t beat Barca, they said

You won’t beat Bayern, they said

And yet the boys in blue triumphed !

Sherry Philips (Deputy Editor) @Shercasm


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