Tiki-Taka vs The Chelsea Way ?

The Euros are underway and all the fans would appreciate that finally there is some football to watch. Exciting times lie ahead as a lot of Europe’s premier talents are on display. The transfer season is also open. You combine the two and gossip columns get overloaded. Clubs and fans alike will be keen to unearth a magical player for their club to sign.

We have had some interesting results so far with a few upsets. Well organized Danes got the better of the Dutch. Russia performed a Czech mate. Poland was held to a draw, after an inspiring start, by Greece. Among all this news, the catch phrase for this edition of the Euros seems to be ‘The Chelsea Way’.

Wondering what it means? Commentators and pundits are using ‘The Chelsea Way’ to describe a defensive football strategy being employed by teams that are weaker on paper. Guess after centuries of football existence, only recently has anyone thought about playing a defensive game. Credits belonging to Chelsea.

Chelsea’s Cinderella run leading up to the finals of the Champions League and eventually Frank Lampard, who goes down in history as the first ever Chelsea captain, lifting the coveted trophy has made the defensive football strategy most sought after these days. Now every team wants to play in ‘The Chelsea Way’. Why? Because it gives the lesser fancied teams a shot at winning.

So was the tactics invented by Roberto Di Matteo? No. Recent examples: The Special One, Jose Mourinho lead Porto and Inter Milan to achieve Champions League victory. So what exactly is ‘The Chelsea Way’?

It is simple. You organize your team in such a way that, you frustrate the opposition so much so that they forget defending and leave acres of space in a counter-attack. That is what happened when Ramires was allowed to run with a Frank Lampard diagonal ball from the halfway line, which eventually resulted in Drogba scoring a beauty of a goal against Barcelona at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League Semi-Final first leg. Well maybe it is not as simple as it sounds.

Without divulging too much into the tactics, this writer wants to ask you another question. As a loyal fan would you want your club to play Tiki-Taka (Barcelona & Spain) style of football or The Chelsea Way? Tiki-Taka style relies on the midfield players, a lot, to construct a short passing, keeping possession style of football and terrorizing the defense with loads of creativity and flair.

If you answered Tiki-Taka, there is a catch. Would you be content if your team plays Sexy football and only to remain trophy less for many seasons? Certain London rivals should come to your mind now.

Football is a professional sport today, has been for a while now. The key word is Professional. It is a livelihood for many, including the players to pitch curators and many more. It brings food to their table. It is not a sport that just serves as an entertainment. It is about winning. Although, the audience do like to be entertained.

As someone put it ‘mildly’, Chelsea were one penalty miss away from Europa League. If that had happened Chelsea would have stood to loose over a £100 million, which is a rough estimate. The actual figure could even be double or triple that. Just showing up for Champions League earns your club a lot of cash. If you think money isn’t everything then think about this:
“Hazard signs for Manchester.” Enough said?

The Champions League victory has given Chelsea a huge boost in the transfer market. Now the wonder kids WANT to come to Chelsea. Hazard has signed, Charly Musonda Jr and his brothers are on their way and many more young talents to come in the future.

Chelsea under Jose Mourinho did play Tiki-Taka. Surprised? Well, in parts that is. Under JM if Chelsea took the lead, whatever the opposition was, the team would sit back and keep the ball. It was up to the opposition to have a go at snatching the ball away from Chelsea, which was not easy to do. And if by any luck they did manage to get the ball, our players were very adept at destroying an advancing attack. Remember Makalele?

JM had got one aspect of Tiki-Taka covered – Possession Football. What Chelsea lacked during his tenure was a flair player like a Hazard or a Modric. Not convinced? Chelsea did not have a Messi. If Chelsea had a Messi then Tiki-Taka would have been known as The Chelsea Way.

As a fan, I wouldn’t care less If Chelsea play Sexy Football or a Defensive one. As long as my team wins, how it wins is not important. However, playing an entertaining style is also important in today’s environment, to keep the fans happy.

This writer staunchly believes that it is the Right of every football fan to voice his opinions. So we at ChelseaFC360 would definitely want to know what You, as a Fan, think? Tiki-Taka with no trophies or The Chelsea Way with a cabinet full of trophies? Please share your feelings. We are curious.

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