Time to move on?

John Terry is undoubtedly one of the greatest players who has ever embraced the beautiful game. On several occasions in his illustrious career he has verified that he is one of the best defenders in world football and without a doubt he’s been an instrumental figure in Chelsea’s resolute defence. Despite being under scrutiny from media and fans alike in the past, he has shown his leadership qualities and has showed the courage that his lion-heart possess. He’s always managed to bounce back from the toughest situations. Remember the Wayne Bridge and Anton Ferdinand saga?

Without question JT does the talking on the pitch thanks to his world-class performances, his un-questionable ability and of course his bravery. Those attributes I just mentioned really portrays his personality. As an inspiration to every Chelsea player on that pitch he’s always has to be in the right frame of mind and by golly JT’s not afraid to give them a piece of their mind. To many a blue JT is irreplaceable, but is that really the case?

Mr Roman Abramovich is itching to finally evolve and adapt this Chelsea team by importing youth into the side. So does this signal the end for JT?

Today Super Frankie Lampard, Chelsea’s all-time leading goalscorer put pen to paper on a new one year-deal at the bridge. Despite being filled with jubilation when the news broke I still feel that us blues fans will be in the same situation next season. For months and months now us Chelsea fans have passionately encouraged Roman to renew Lampard’s contract, and of course he’s eventually done that. Alternatively we have to take in the fact that if Abramovich desperately wanted Frank he would have given him that contract ages ago, but he didnt!

Personally I think it’s another indication of Roman longing for us to pursue that Barca esque play, that tici taca football that he’s been craving for so very long. It clear that Roman wants a new look Chelsea side and this is wear JT comes into the equation. I think Roman is desperate to see a young,creative,passionate,unique man leading us into the battlefield. Does this reminded you of anyone? David Luiz maybe.

The brazilian’s been dubbed as our future captain and I would be thrilled to see him wearing the captain’s armband for Chelsea. He’s an outstanding player with outstanding credentials and most importantly he is an incredibly passionate man.

His love for the blues is ever-present. He’s one of those footballers who play from the heart everything he does us from the heart ignited by love a passion. I would love to see him Chelsea captain however my only doubt is when is the right time.

Following the transition into the CDM role Luiz has developed as a player, and his all round play has greatly improved. It’s certain to see that he has bags of potential and he certainly acquires the attributes to become captain. Whether now is the right time I’m not sure.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Let me know what you think. KTBFFH


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