Top 10 possible CFC-target strikers.

This is an article about the top 9 Chelsea targets/strikers in the summer. And I say ‘top 9’ with a ‘top 10’ title because I’ll give you the 9 top targets and the 10th will be my personal favorite and my choice. Let’s begin with number 1 and what seems to be Chelsea’s biggest target.

1. Radamel Falcaofalcao-tigre1Now we all know that Chelsea’s interest in Falcao is not actually news. We’ve been after him since before Andre Villas-Boas. Although he was the one to restart the pursuit for Falcao. We’ve seen many reports with different ‘offers’ we’ve ‘made’ for Falcao. And different price tags – from £/€30m+Torres to £50(€60)m. But no offers were ‘accepted’ by Atletico so far. We’ve seen many reports about Falcao being certain for Chelsea, then for City, then even for United. We’ve seen many denying that Falcao’s going anywhere. But the big question is – is he worth it? Well, Falcao is an incredible striker, a beast, the best #9 at the very moment. We all remember 9 December 2012 (what a nice date for a #9) when Radamel scored 5 goals vs Deportivo La Coruna. Boy, have I seen a bigger wank fest in my life? No. But was it a well-deserved wank fest? In my opinion, definitely. Now I know what you’re thinking – Deportivo aren’t exactly the team to judge from. Currently, they are 16th and a part of the relegation battle in La Liga. But come on, every team (and by every team I mean ‘every team excluding Manutd and Barcelona’) deserves respect. However, this isn’t the only game where Falcao proved he’s worth it. However, what worries me is the small amount of goals he’s scored vs. Real Madrid and Barcelona – the top teams in La Liga. I’m not questioning his ability to score vs top teams – he absolutely raped the new Champions of Europe for the Supercup (a night I don’t actually want to remember). But is he worth it (asking this knowing that it’s the second time in this paragraph)? Is he worth £50m and a big amount of wages? No. Sorry, Falcao fans. Radamel turned 27 in February and that’s not a bad age BUT for a striker who would cost us no more than £30-35m top. Not £50m for sure.

2. Stevan Jovetic
Jovetic is another player we’ve been rumoured to be interested in. Again, the main question is ‘is he worth it?’. Well, in the past 2 seasons he’s been showing signs of a great striker, scoring some nice goals. His price is rumoured to be around £20-25m which is a decent price, knowing that Fiorentina got him for £8m a few years ago. However, Arsenal are currently the team who are in the best position to sign him. And we don’t want to ruin Arsenal’s chances now, do we? (*cough* Mata *cough* Eden *cough* – sorry, these cigarettes are very bad for my lungs.)

3. David Villa
ImageWell, as much as all the fangirls want him, I strongly refuse to believe that we’re actually interested in him. Aged 31 and a half, Villa doesn’t exactly fit in Chelsea’s policy of buying young players. Not to mention that he suffered a broken ankle in the very end of 2011. It’s safe to say he’s not been the €40m player Barcelona bought. And nobody should blame him. I’m sceptical and going to say a big ‘No.’ to this rumour.

4. Karim Benzema
wpid-Karim-Benzema-Real-Madrid-HD-Wallpaper.jpeg[SACRE BLEU] Sorry, couldn’t hold it inside.
Benzema’s 2011/12 season was an impressive one. And although he’s made his impact this season as well (41 games, 16 goals, 15 assists), I wouldn’t want him in Chelsea. I’ve never been a fan of him, actually. I prefer Higuain, who, surprisingly, won’t be in this list (spoiler alert). Although, I might as well talk about them both here. If I had to choose, I’d say Higuain. Both are born in December 1987, both are pretty young and will cost us around €20-23m which is a bargain, I must say. So there go 2 more targets – Benzema and Higuain. I’ve done a poll of the day on twitter and the majority of Chelsea fans chose Higuain. That speaks for itself. My choice exactly.

5. Javier Hernandez
Oh hey, it’s time to talk about Wankerito…I mean Chicharito…Javier Hernandez. Do we actually want him in Chelsea? He’s not exactly the best striker in the world now, is he? No speed, no skills, he likes scoring from close distances – headers and in empty goals. Not exactly the player we need, in my opinion. And Manutd won’t just give him to a contender for titles and a big rival. At least not cheap. And I’m definitely not willing to pay more than £15m for a striker like him.

6. Mario Gomez

I think I’ve already discussed Mario Gomez in one of my previous articles…decent striker, nice hair…what else, what else…he scored a hattrick in 6 minutes in Bayern’s last game, which was definitely worth the wank fest. What else? His rumoured price is £35m. He’s turning 28 in July so I’m not sure whether we should pay that much money for him. Plus, German players hardly leave their country. Why would a great striker such as Mario Gomez leave Bayern Munich? I can’t find the logic. So I say this rumour should go directly to the bin. But who am I to say, right? Let’s just wait and see. I, personally, am against that transfer.

7. Edin Dzeko

Well, this won’t be the first time we’ve been linked with the Bosnian striker. A very good striker, mainly a squad player though. He is a very dangerous player. If we manage to get him for about €20m, I say go for him. Many will judge me because we have Lukaku – yes, but Lukaku isn’t ready to be Chelsea’s #1 choice. Not even after his fantastic season. For me he needs at least another year of loan. Dzeko won’t be a threat, I want him as a squad player and as a fantastic substitution. Because numbers speak for themselves – Dzeko is much more dangerous when he comes off the bench.

8. Edinson Cavani
World’s (second-)best #9 at the moment. Many people consider him even better than Falcao. I’ve always been more of a Falcao player but Cavani has proved that he is definitely in top 2 best strikers in the world at the moment. However, Napoli’s president has said it a few times that Napoli won’t just let go of him. Not to mention that the race for Cavani’s signature would be one helluva race. Many teams are interested in him – City, Real Madrid, Chelsea – only 3 of the teams that can pay the money for him. Cavani turned 26 in February. But, again, is he worth the incredible price tag of what – £60m? I remember seeing an article (probably from The Sun or Mirror…) where his price was rumoured to be around €100m which is absolute madness. No more than £50-55m should be paid for Cavani. If we get him and not Falcao, I’d definitely be one happy fan.

9. Luis Suarez

Hated by many, one does not simply ignore the fact that Luis Suarez is currently Premier League’s best striker. Scorer of 29 goals in 43 games in all competitions this year (add 10 assists to that), Suarez is definitely a player worth more than £40m. He turned 26 in January this year and £40-45m for him would be a reasonable price tag. However, we all saw how the last over-40m purchase did when he switched from Liverpool and Chelsea…so many think Suarez will definitely flop. However, Torres was unhappy and out of form way before he joined us. And saying Suarez is out of form is like saying that Downing is a better winger than Ronaldo. Please. And Suarez has been a player who hasn’t suffered from that many injuries like Torres. I can see a successful experiment if we actually go for Suarez. Out of all players listed so far, he’s one of my favorite choices to join us. Him or Cavani, that’s the question. However, my absolute #1 choice is coming up next…

10. Robert Lewandowski
Brilliant player. Age – 24 and a half. €30m. SIGN HIM UP. He’s exactly the player who we need. He will fit RIGHT IN. He will link up perfectly with Eden, Mata and whoever else [Oscar, Schurrle, etc.]. I read in a different article that Lewandowski started as a #10, which means he knows what he should do and what the players behind him are doing (credits go to a lad with the username @deacs77 on twitter). He’s currently in a fantastic ‘relationship’ with Reus – we saw that vs. Malaga. So, like I said – please, SIGN HIM UP. He is in a perfect age, he’d cost us a very reasonable amount of money and he will succeed, I am sure. Best choice we can make now.

Feel free to give me your opinions on the articles. KTBFFH!


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