Torres drop in form Liverpool's fault?

When Fernando Torres joined Chelsea in the winter transfer window of the 2010-2011 season, he wasn’t at his best form. Many thought it was due to his problems at Liverpool. However, after reading an article about Torres’ time at Chelsea and the days before his transfer, I changed my opinion about him. The article can be found here: http://en-prosa.tumblr.com/post/36326276870/today-i-gathered-some-facts-about-fernandos I suggest you read this as it is very important for understanding this article.

Many of us thought that the reason in Fernando Torres’ sudden drop in form was due to him changing teams and not being able to adapt to Chelsea’s style of play. I believed that too, but it was actually Liverpool’s medical team failure to properly treat Torres of his knee injury and lying to him about his time of recovery in the hope that he would play more games, even though his injury had not fully healed. Spain call up to the World Cup meant he had to add more pressure on himself to become fully fit for the tournament. Had the Liverpool medical team gave him the full truth about the extent of his injury; he would have recovered fully and possibly return to his former self. That did not happen, instead he was added more pressure on his knee and thus made the injury worse when get got injured again in the final against the Netherlands.

Fast forward another 6 months, where Torres’ problems at Liverpool became public and so was Chelsea’s interest in him. They finally agreed on a transfer on January 31st 2011, and Liverpool did not inform Chelsea of his knee problems. Something I think they chose to do to be able to sell him. As the transfer was done a few minutes before the end of the transfer; Chelsea did not have enough time to properly conduct a medical, meaning it basically was a routine checkup. Chelsea signed Torres not knowing the severity of his knee problems. Obviously, Chelsea discovered that later and worked with Torres hoping to completely eradicate his injury. But an injury of that severity would be nearly impossible to shake off. In a recent interview with Rafa Benitez, Ben Jacobs said that Fernando’s knee injury is degenerative and has been there since his time at Liverpool..

Chelsea are also at fault here; being so desperate for Fernando’s signature, they overlooked the fact that a proper medical could show the severity of his knee problem. Had they done that, Fernando Torres would not have been a Chelsea player and Chelsea would be 50 million pounds richer. The utter unprofessionalism of the Chelsea board of rushing into the Torres transfer is only a glimpse of how bad this club is run, signing players simply because the owner wants him. The sacking of Di Matteo, Ancelotti and the way Florent Malouda, Nicolas Anelka and how they are treating Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole in their contract talks is disgraceful. It seems Ron Gourlay and co. are only interested in being on Roman Abrahmovic’s good side. They care more about pleasing Roman that about the fans..

I have however, changed my mind about Fernando Torres. In the past couple of weeks I have been blaming him and criticizing him in nearly every Chelsea match. I have now come to the conclusion that it is not actually Torres miraculously becoming a bad player; it is rather the result of poor and dishonest treatment by the Liverpool medical team. The price tag didn’t help much as well..

This is totally not me saying that what was said is 100% true. This all could have been a coincidence, but I felt it was important to point it out. Tumblr is obviously not a reliable source, but after checking the links that were cited, it got me thinking that this might actually have happened. Torres did say that there things that happened at Liverpool that the media don’t know about, and played a huge factor in him wanting to leave..

Leave a comment about if your opinion about Torres has changed, or if it hasn’t. Your feedback would be appreciated.

John Marston

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