Transfer Window : To Buy or Not To Buy

Transfer Window : To Buy or Not To Buy

The transfer market is not yet over and Chelsea are still rumoured to be interested in several targets including Hulk, Azpilicueta, Cavani, Moses and Neymar. A busy transfer market has seen more signings than departures, so far. However, the question still remains… should Chelsea buy any more players this window?

Let’s look at the potential arrivals that Chelsea are most linked with :-

Hulk: Hulk has been talked about ever since Villas Boas began his regime. He’s certainly a talent, but he does come at a heavy price tag. The exact figures Porto are talking are not known but mostly range from £30m-£45m. Hulk can score amazing goals and can have great performances in games, however Hulk’s price tag can’t be justified by the performances he produces, because the price is too high. He does skill and talent, but a similar target can be found for much cheaper. Verdict: No.

Cesar Azpilicueta: The young Spanish right back currently at Marseille. He is reported to be under £10m, Chelsea are reported to have made a bid around £7m. He is a skilled defender, who is strong both offensively & defensively. His relatively cheap price tag is attractive, & we need to strengthen the depth of our back 4. We can’t rely on Ivanovic to play 50+ matches at RB. We do already have a RB other than Ivanovic and that’s Sam Hutchinson. Azpilicueta is similar to Hutchinson, but he has experience in the CL and has become a target for the Spanish national team. He can be £7-10m well spent, surely. Verdict: Get him.

Victor Moses: The Wigan’ man’s agent reportedly wants him at Chelsea. Chelsea have been rumoured to launch a few bids that do not match Dave Whelan’s appraisal. He has PL experience and can score some crucial goals while having decent performances throughout the season. He, like Azpilicueta, would come in under £10m. A cheap price tag for a talented winger that could add well needed depth to the right side. Moses is a target to look at because he is not selfish, is cheap, delivers good performances while being a humble man. He has risen through the ranks of Wigan and become a favorite at the DW while grabbing attention of clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool and United. The man is good for the money and should be heavily considered by Gourlay. Verdict: Go after him, but spend £9m or less.

Edinson Cavani: Cavani is a hot target in Europe attracting the attention of PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea. Napoli’s chairman is rumoured to want £70m, but would split it in half to sell to Di Matteo. Cavani is undoubtedly an unbelievable striker and a very skillful player that could push Torres away from the XI, eventually. Cavani’s arrival would put us at 3 strikers; Sturridge, Torres and him. This would be ideal depth for us up top. The price of Cavani is a bit too high, but other strikers that are class are tough to find for that money. He must be pursued heavily, if we plan on retaining a few trophies. He is the ideal target and could solve our striker troubles if Torres misfires. Verdict: Go after him.

Neymar: The Brazilian sensation that has the world at its feet. He wows crowds with his lovely footwork, but frustrates many with his selfish attitude & massive ego. Santos’ chairman doesn’t plan on Neymar leaving until after 2014 meaning that Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona would have to wait on the Brazilian star. Whether him staying until 2014 is true or not, we must seriously consider if he’s the type of player we want to bring in. He is a skilled player, yes but his attitude is one that isn’t the best in tough situations which will come no matter what. He is young and his tendency to do things on his own are also big problems. These problems reflected in Daniel Sturridge’s season last year. He wasn’t necessarily a team player all the time. His own interests came before the team’s interests. Many would love him at Chelsea, put his potentially high price tag and problems push him away. He might be the hottest target, but he isn’t the type of target that we need to bring in. Verdict: No.

These targets have been linked with Chelsea and are skilled players, but some don’t fit the direction the club is taking and some don’t fit the money budget. Others fit the criteria that I believe are essential in bringing in new players this window. Who do you think we should bring in? Do let us know, we would love to hear from you.


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