Trophies 2012/13 : To Win or Not To Win?

Trophies 2012/13 : To Win or Not To Win?

Chelsea have the opportunity to win 7 trophies this season, but 1 is already lost (Community Shield vs City, 2-3). However, Chelsea have the opportunity to finally win a Treble and maybe even a Quadruple or whatever it’s called. The competitions are : The FA Cup, Premier League, Carling (Capitol 1) Cup, FIFA World Club Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Champions League, Community Shield (2-3 L).

Here’s what we’ll win :
1. Premier League
2. UEFA Super Cup
3. FIFA Club Cup
4. FA Cup

Here’s what we’ll compete for, but won’t win :
1. Champions League
2. Carling (Capitol 1) Cup

Here’s what we’ve lost :
1. Community Shield (2-3 to City)

What we’ll win :

Premier League : As explained in my earlier article “Why Chelsea Will Compete For The EPL”, I said “What must we do to win and compete for the EPL? Have 3-5 losses and 5-6 draws, triple the amount of goals conceded to get the goals scored. Establish a team that you will use almost every week and have good replacements for each position or depth. Also, we must beat us competitors like City, United and Arsenal. Beating them home and away would be superb, or at least 4 points vs each. Another thing that we must do is take as many away points as possible and create a fortress around Stamford Bridge (as done before). These are the crucial steps we must take to compete and win the EPL again. These steps would have possibly of won us the seasons that we didn’t.”. Expect Chelsea to do this and take it home.

UEFA Super Cup : As explained in my article “Why Chelsea Will Win Their First Trophy of 2012/13 on Friday”, I said that Hazard, Torres, TOP form, Di Matteo and Squad would lead us to a win and “I believe these 5 things listed above will be the reasons why Chelsea win on Friday and bring home the UEFA Super Cup.”. These 5 reasons will give us the UEFA Super Cup.

FIFA World Club Cup : We are going straight to the semi-finals and our competitors have yet to be determined except for Corinthians(Semifinal) and Monterrey(Quarterfinal). Then we have Auckland City(Group Stage). The other 2 QFs and other 1 GS competitors will be from Japan (as hosts) for Group Stage, AFC CL winners and CAF CL winners for the Quarter Finals. These are competitors that I believe can’t match Chelsea and it’s immensity. As we’ve seen, from the 2007 to the current FIFA Club Cup, a European club has won 5 years in a row and dominated before that. Expect nothing different from Chelsea who will win the 2012 FIFA WCC in Japan.

FA Cup : A competition that Chelsea has won 7 FA Cups in its history. We’ve done it back-to-back in 2009 and 2010 and will do it again. Simply, our favorite competition and there’s no reason why success won’t continue this year. It’s ours to lose and our dedication to the Cup is certainly one we cherish. 2009, Hiddink (a caretaker) won it. Next year, 2010, Ancelotti (Italian) won it. 2012, Di Matteo (a caretaker) won it. Next year, 2013, Di Matteo (Italian) ___ it. I expect that blank to be “won”, by the end of the competition. Yes, I am relying on previous events to defend the fact that we will win the 2013 FA Cup, but you can’t expect us to have a bad and quick run out of the tournament, surely.

What we won’t win :

Champions League : What was so hard to win for the first time, last year, WILL be even harder to win this year. NO club has ever won it back to back (since current format aka since 1992) and it’ll be tough to defy odds, again. Expect to have a good run to at least the Quarter final or Semi final, but it’ll end there, sadly. It’s ours to lose and we shouldn’t have the expectation of winning it again.

Carling (Capitol 1) Cup : A competition that “smaller” clubs dominate, for the most part, i.e Liverpool 2012. It’s one that the smaller clubs tend to pounce on and look to win a trophy. Chelsea has won the League Cup a few times, but certainly doesn’t dominate it or make a good, healthy run, every year. Expect this year to be no different. Sadly, this is one that Chelsea won’t claim.

What we’ve lost :

Community Shield : 2-3 loss to Manchester City at Villa Park. 10 men from the 41st minute, on. Tough loss.

What do you think we’ll win this season? Please let me know!


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