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Watch Out For Kevin De Bruyne and the New Chelsea Revolution

After a season of fond memories has just passed by, a new season beckons with its own challenges and expectations.  A season when there will no more be a certain familiar Didier Drogba to lead our attack making Arsene Wenger and his Financial Corporation heave a great sigh of relief. It is also a season we will not see other Chelsea servants such as Kalou, Bosingwa and any other, yet to depart. Indeed an era has certainly ended (You can call it the Didier era).  A new Chelsea revolution is on its way and this revolution has been marked by the signing of technically gifted, creative and hungry for success young players. This means the Mourinho-style football legacy he bestowed on us is making way for us to have a new identity. The new popular arrivals are Marko Marin (known as the “German Messi”) and the sensational Belgian international Eden Hazard (two times French footballer of the year).

However, do you remember Kevin De Brunyne(KDB)? He is the compatriot of Eden Hazard and was signed by the club early February this year and loaned back to his club Genk. Genk is familiar to everybody because we played against them in the group stage of the champions League which Kevin featured prominently in both legs. Well, as often done in Chelsea, a loan deal has been mooted for the 21 year old former champions’ league player. Some newspapers have even suggested Southampton are seriously interested in KDB. However I seriously think Kevin has a part to play in the new revolution.

Kevin is a right footed player who was used on both flanks and later in the season was deployed to the middle as a creative midfielder at Genk.  His vision for long passes which release his strikers and destabilize the opposition defenders is most uncommon for his age. In his last match where he was playing from the middle in a typical 4-4-2 formation by Mario Been (Genk’s coach) against Gent this season at home, Kevin marshaled the midfield and made two crucial fantastic assists, one through an exquisite free kick which was connected home and a long range pass which opened up the opposition defence for the striker to slot in the net. He completed it with his own goal which depicted clearly his level of composure in front of goals for his side to win from behind by 3-1. Not only this one but there are many which I think made Chelsea quickly sign him after a long negotiation. Such a player is certainly not to be loaned is he?
What some say is that the Belgian League is not up to EPL standard however Kevin played for a Belgian team which won their League and qualified to the group stages through preliminaries. In their match against Chelsea (the later champions of Europe) at Belgium, they proved to be no pushovers and if you will remember it was Kevin’s pass which opened us up from our right for the assistant of the goal to make his assist. To me, Kevin has played at the top level and if players like Gary Cahill could feature prominently for us at the top level although he played for a relegated side and Ryan Bertrand could also make a glorious champions league debut, there is no reason to think KDB is not ready. In his interview with the Chelsea official site, Kevin made it clear his readiness to play with his national team mate Hazard who is also his age mate.

I see Kevin to be good deep lying playmaker who can sit deep in the middle and use his vision to dictate the pace of the game with his excellent long passes. There is a great deal of an obsession for Modric by all Chelsea fans but I bet you, Kevin if managed well could be our own kind of player who will be unique in his own right since his goal scoring rate is even better than Modric anyway. To send such a player on loan to a non-champions league team and more so a relegation embattled club would not only be unworthy but will also dump the spirit and confidence of the young chap when he sees his mates at Genk playing in the Champions League whiles he is battling to save his team from relegation in the EPL (as it has been suggested). At the preseason training in USA, I hope Kevin would be given the chance to prove himself to the manager and I am confident Kevin fever will catch each and every Chelsea fan.
 To all EPL teams, the message is simple;

Feel free and express your cherished views. KTBFFH!!!
Seth Adusei (twitter @sethaadusei)

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