What Mourinho brings to Chelsea

The Special One

The Special One

Mourinho’s return to England, more precisely to Chelsea, came up a lot in the news lately. It seems that he’s really ready to return after being sacked in 2007. The Special One has been to Inter since and he is currently at Real Madrid. The return to the Bridge is closer than ever before, but what will he bring to Chelsea?

Winning mentality

We all know: Jose is a winner. He’s a guy who cannot lose, whether it’s a Champions League match or a League Cup match. We have a young team right now and there’s no better man who can teach them what it means to be a winner. He’ll bring in the “us against the world” mentality, a motivation to win every single game.

Success and silverware

From 2 Champions titles with Inter and Porto to 7 league titles (2 with Porto, 2 with Chelsea, 2 with Inter and one with Madrid): Mourinho has won everything. A season without silverware would be a disaster for Jose. He’ll bring in tons of success as the best manager in the world.


Mourinho’s preparations for every single game and his mentality to win every single game will bring consistency to the team, which was missed in the recent years. It’s always the same story: a good start followed by a poor period between November until February leads to a strong finish at the end. We were disappointing in the past 3 seasons in the league and Mourinho will change it.

Get the last bit out of the old guard

Lampard, Terry, Cech or Cole: The older players, who had success under Mourinho, are all going to retire in the next 3 or 4 years. Mourinho knows these players more than well and he can also get the last bit out of these players before retirement.

Leader and motivator

Mourinho’s biggest strength: his leadership and motivation. He can get the best out of players and created world-class footballers out of nothing. He connects his leadership quality with motivation theories so brilliantly and that’s the foundation of his control over his own team and the popularity among his own players.


Mourinho is without a doubt one of the most gifted managers in the topic tactics. As I wrote before, Mourinho’s preparation for the team ahead of every game is perfect. He changed his style when he arrived at Chelsea, from good offensive football to safe and clever defence football. He has never changed his style till then and Real Madrid is playing similar football today that Chelsea played under Mourinho a couple years ago.

Mourinho is the most complete manager in the world, probably even the best. He seems to have no weakness at all and he’s the one who Chelsea needs now. There’s no surprise when SAF said that Mourinho’s return to Chelsea is the biggest threat to another United title.

Please come back, the Special One. Do let me know what you guys think. KTBFFH!



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