What To Expect From Chelsea Next Season?

What To Expect From Chelsea Next Season?

After a season that saw us winning the Champions League for the first time in our history, what else can we expect from our beloved Chelsea next season? Here’s what I think we will see next season :-

A Change In The Playing Style

One thing for sure is that Chelsea will change the way they play from last season. In matches against Barcelona and Bayern Munich we almost had 9-0-1 formation but that will all be changed this season because of the type of players we have signed so far. Unlike previous seasons, we now have more dynamic and skillful players at Stamford Bridge. We have replaced players like Kalou, Drogba and Malouda (even though he hasn’t left yet but looks like he’s on his way out) with Marin, Hazard and Oscar. We are now more focused on skill and not just strength so we it would be improbable of us to play the types of tactics like before. All though Drogba and the others did a fine job for us, I think we need players who are technically better to compete with likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

A Different Fernando Torres 

I am a massive Fernando Torres fan and I have supported him through his entire time at Chelsea and never doubted that he will show he is worth the £50 million price tag. I do admit that he had large spells of poor play but at times he looked he looked like he was back but a few games later he returned to his confidence-laden performances. However, after a successful Euro 2012 and end of season, he looks like a different man from when he was going through the longest goal less streak in his career. There is no doubt that winning the ‘Golden Boot’ at Euro 2012 will give him huge amounts of confidence for the coming season. Another thing that will help is the signings we have made, they will benefit him hugely because of how creative they are and I am sure they will produce a lot chances for Torres to score. My prediction for his end of season tally is around 30 goal mark unless he gets injured but fingers crossed he doesn’t.

Trophy Expectations

Winning trophies this season is not the most important thing this season but playing well is, our reputation for playing negative football is growing and we need to put a stop to that. Even though we won the Champions League, most other fans don’t give us the credit because of the way we played for most of it. Our squad this season is very young and inexperienced so I am not expecting much but  I’ve seen a lot Chelsea fans on Twitter and Facebook thinking we will win the Premier League and become the first team to retain the modern Champions League. I think these hopes are a bit far fetched but in no way impossible. After all, impossible is nothing and we proved this last season. So, all I am saying is that don’t get your hopes up and don’t be disappointed if you don’t win the major trophies this season. Our brand new crop of players are still improving and will show their maximum potential in a couple of years so don’t be put off if we don’t succeed this season.

Written By: Numan Hussain

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