2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES What We Learned From The Manchester United Match : 28.10.2012

What We Learned From The Manchester United Match : 28.10.2012

What We Learned From The Manchester United Match : 28.10.2012

“Robbery of the decade”, “Chelsea have been dealt a tough task by Mark Clattenburg”, “Controversial match sees Manchester United win at Stamford Bridge”. Those are all quotes from SkySportsNews, Chelsea FC and a few Twitter users. Without a doubt, Chelsea Football Club were left with a defeat due to the referee, but there are more things to take away from the match :

1. Mata is Chelsea’s best playmaker.
2. Luiz and Cahill are shaky together.
3. The FA aren’t big fans of Chelsea.
4. Sir Alex Ferguson is a horrible man.
5. Torres still not at the level wanted.
6. United are the winners of all controversy.

1. Mata is Chelsea’s best playmaker: After going 2-0 down, Juan Mata inspired a memorable Chelsea comeback. His goal was nothing short of magnificent and his role from then on kept rising. His touches, control and movement off/on the ball was the key factor in Chelsea’s revival. Just like v Arsenal, Norwich, Spurs and Nordsjaelland Mata was our best player. He is sensational form and keeping him fit and healthy is a priority.

2. Luiz and Cahill are shaky together: Loads of turf was in between Gary Cahill and David Luiz throughout the match, Cahill seemed the better player but not by much. The 2 goals conceded were due to hideous defending and we played for it. The 1st one was a bit unlucky because it hit post and hit Luiz and went in, but RVP’s shot also could of gone it. Nonetheless, Gary and David were not on the same page although offensively they were. Whether it’s the language barrier or mis-communication or just bad defending, it must be sorted.

3. The FA aren’t big fans of Chelsea: After making John Terry’s international career tough and over, the FA then picked on Ashley Cole and finally came after the club on Sunday after assigning Mark Clattenburg as the official for the match. His errors cost us the match and that’s that. It’s unbelievable that a successful club has been hit so hard by this disgusting display of refereeing. It’s absolutely unacceptable to see something like this occur to any club especially Chelsea.

4. Sir Alex Ferguson is a horrible man: He jumped, cheered, forced, intimidated and provoked his way to a win. Disgusting. A win is a win, but in the way it’s disgusting and for him (and United) to celebrate it like a milestone is idiotic and sickening. How you can celebrate such a controversial win and say it was a fair game, I don’t know. That’s why United is a hated club and they are all c***s.

5. Torres is still not at the level wanted: Fernando Torres had a poor evening, 1 shot, 2 yellows, 1 red and a 1 star performance according to Goal.com who had this to say about his efforts : “A laboured presence up front again. Very little of what he tried came off, though he did occupy Evans and Ferdinand enough to open up space for Chelsea’s creators. Could have been dismissed when he was first booked and sent off with 20 minutes remaining after Mark Clattenburg judged him to have dived under a Jonny Evans challenge.” There you have it.

6. United of the winners of all controversy: Every time something controversial happens in a United match, they get the better end of the straw. I could got endless amounts of games and I don’t have even fingers or toes to keep going! Staggering to witness that in Football and to believe one team is always favoured is a shame. I hope it comes back to haunt them. C***s.

Other Points :
1.Top of The League
2. Petr Cech and Ashley Cole keep up good form
3. Still a lot to play for


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