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What We Learned From the Norwich City Match : 05.10.2012

What We Learned From the Norwich City Match : 05.10.2012

Chelsea Football Club played Norwich City at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. An interesting and open match ended in a 4 – 1 win for the Blues. What we learned :

1. Torres is almost back.
2. Defense is very vulnerable.
3. Mata is our key playmaker.
4. Lampard-Mikel partnership is shaky.
5. “Mascarzard” linkup is brilliant.
6. Holt and Hoolahan troubled us.
7. Bad luck with the referees.

1. Torres is almost back: Fernando Torres scored yet again and offered a relatively decent performance. He missed an early chance, goal a fantastic goal and missed another chance. All in all, he could of had a hat-trick. His goal was the one that put us back into the match and offered some relief to the team and fans. He did well to slide into the space and finish. He was a bit wasteful in possession, but he did have a decent performance. I think he is 80-90% back to “vintage Torres”.

2. Defense is very shaky: Norwich City threw everything at us and created a handful of chances that were begging for a good finish. They got one with Grant Holt who put them ahead. We were very disorganized and the Luiz-Terry combination looks uncertain to me. This needs improvement, but its better than AVB’s system and is generally good considering the amount of clean sheets and goals we have conceded this season. (Excluding Atletico Madrid)

3. Mata is our key playmaker: Juan Mata has proved himself vital since his period of rest earlier in the season. Mata was MOTM v Arsenal and certainly on of the best if not the best v Nordsjaelland and was immense v Norwich City. His passing and finishing is unbelievable. He deserves all credit and for me has to be the designated #10 for Chelsea this season. Only Juan for me.

4. Lampard-Mikel partnership is shaky: Frank and John had good games, but both failed to track back and weren’t very good together. This isn’t the very first time, either. Lampard-Romeu/Ramires would be a decent alternative and vice-versa. The Lampard-Mikel combination is one I buy unless Mikel sits back more and Lampard doesn’t go forward too much. Tracking back main problem with them.

5. “Mascarzard” linkup is brilliant: Mata Oscar and Hazard is the best “3” option in the 4-2-3-1 formation. Hazard had a goal, Mata had 2 assists, Oscar had a brilliant game. All 3 of them have shown their quality these last few games and continue to show it week in and week out. This trio is immense and can make sure Lampard-Mikel has some hope if they keep possession and set up chances. Good call, Di Matteo.

6. Holt and Hoolahan troubled us: Wes Hoolahan and Grant Holt were absolutely the best players for Norwich, today. Their physical presence and creativity hurt us and lead to Norwich’s chances that they luckily didn’t take full advantage of. We must make sure that other key players of other teams don’t have the ability to control the game.

7. Bad luck with the referees: Once again, Chelsea were denied a few decisions including a few stonewall penalties. Its not the first time this season and its a major concern, because when calls don’t go your way when they should problems emerge and it could lead to suspensions, fines, etc. Must consult FA and complain about this because it can cost you a game.

Other points :

1. Nice debut for Cesar “Dave” Azpilicueta
2. Cahill deserves a chance alongside Terry in a PL match
3. Ivanovic “our fake #9” is in fine form
4. Top of the league!



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