2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES What We Learned From The Shakhtar Match: 23.10.2012

What We Learned From The Shakhtar Match: 23.10.2012

What We Learned From The Shakhtar Match: 23.10.2012

The referee blows for full-time after 93 minutes of play in Donetsk. A very disappointing night for the Blues in Ukraine as we lost 2-1 to the Champions of Ukraine. A frustrating night has many points to take from it :

1. Gary Cahill > David Luiz
2. Lampard-Mikel combination does not work
3. Hazard and Oscar have been off-cue lately
4. Petr Cech is immense
5. Torres still not at his best
6. Shakhtar will cause problems

1. Gary Cahill > David Luiz: Just as I say almost every match, Gary Cahill has to take over as the other centre-beck next to John Terry. Cahill is, to me, more composed and a more skilled player than Luiz. While Luiz charms us with his occasional goal and his character, we must look at Cahill as our main CB after Terry. David Luiz had another poor night and was careless in possession as Chelsea looked to get back into the game.

2. Lampard-Mikel combination does not work:  Even though Lampard played under 20 minutes today v Donetsk, him and Mikel were not comfortable playing next to one another and seemed to be on different pages as we attacked and defended. A poor night all around saw Lampard go off injured and let Ramires next to Mikel which added some strength to us attacking wise.

3. Hazard and Oscar have been off-cue lately: Oscar scored a late goal that made in 2-1 for the Ukrainians, but other than that him and Hazard were both poor. They were sloppy in possession, didn’t finish their chances and made very poor passes when we needed a good one. Although, Mata wasn’t good either, Juan still provided us with firm passes in the attacking third and was relatively stable on the ball. As Mata continues to get in better form, Hazard and Oscar continue to be sub-par.

4. Petr Cech is immense: One thing is certain tonight, Petr Cech is one of the finest keepers in the world and the best in England, to me. This game could have been a rout if not for our Czech goalkeeper. He made several phenomenal saves in both halves to keep us in the match and was not at fault for either of the goals scored by Donetsk. We must made his job easier if we hope to strive to new heights as he is handling his tasks greatly.

5. Torres still not at his best: Fernando Torres had a sub-par night as he could of buried a goal or two and picked out a few balls while he was on the wing. He did his best and that’s respected, but when it comes down to everything he is not as impressive as we’d want him to be. He had some lovely skill to create an opening or two, but just couldn’t continue that skill to pick it out. Torres is working towards his top form, but it’s still not the progress we’d like to see from El Nino.

6. Shakhtar will cause problems: Shakhtar sit first with 7 points, we’re second with 4, Juventus are third with 3 points and Nordsjaelland are bottom with 1 point. Their flow and fast-paced game caused us problems and left us in bits and pieces as they pressed on us. Thankfully, Cech kept the score as low as possible. Donetsk played another fantastic match as they showed their creativity and ability with a well-played match that left them top of the table.

Other points :
1. Group is up for grabs
2. Buzzing atmosphere at the Donbass Arena
3. Defense needs to be sorted out by the next tie
4. Another “Super Cup” like experience


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