What We Learned: Liverpool


Heartbreak and robbery at Anfield. Chelsea were 2-1 up in the 97th minute, well past the allocated 6 minutes of stoppage time only to have 3 points stolen.

Scorers :


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What We Learned :

1. Robbed, again

2. Rafael Benitez’s substitutions are questionable

3. Barclay’s Premier League needs better officials

4. Luis Suarez is a cheat and a c**t

5. Mikel-Ramires works well

1. Robbed, again:

2-1 up when Sturridge goes studs up on Bertrand after Bertrand clears the ball. No foul, no call, no card to Sturridge. An absolutely disgraceful decision considering Kevin Friend was looking at it and didn’t call anything. 2-1 up still when Suarez bites Ivanovic, who did nothing to him in the first place. Suarez knew what he was doing and I don’t completely blame Kevin Friend for not calling it as it was tough to see, but he clearly saw the bite mark and the assistant referee had a good angle to look at the incident. This isn’t the first time we’ve been robbed – United earlier this season, Swansea away earlier this year and City last week. It’s a shame that this happens in the “World’s best league”.

2. Rafael Benitez’s substitutions are questionable:

Benayoun for Hazard was a horrible substitution. We needed someone who could hold the ball up, not a fragile, but creative Yossi. Benayoun is out of form and is very much washed up. He was once a very good player and could do a lot of damage late on, but not anymore. I don’t understand why Lampard didn’t come on for Hazard and then John Terry for Mata. It would of made sense to go that route, but it’s not all Rafa’s fault. I mean, it’s not his fault that Suarez bit Ivanovic and no call was given as well as Sturridge’s studs up challenge. However, we could of tightened up in behind and frustrated Liverpool more. We had the match, but it was stolen from us. Rafa’s substitutions didn’t directly contribute to this, but they have contributed to past results.

3. Barclay’s Premier League needs better officials:

This isn’t the first time that a match has been surrounded in controversy in the Barclay’s Premier League this season. Plenty of matches have seen miscalls, no calls and bad calls. You don’t really hear about poor officiating in other leagues like you do in the Premier League. I find it weird how after all the controversy surrounding Clattenburg, that he gets a UCL quarter final, which he was very awful in. Kevin Friend today was horrendous. He knows it, but he can’t change it. Last week, Chris Foy was poor as well. He knows it as well, but he can’t change it. But what they can change is how they officiate. Maybe be more attentive and focus on the ball completely instead of wandering their eyes away into space when somebody lounges late at another player and gets away with it.

4. Luis Suarez is a cheat and a c**t:

I have no words for this bozo. Suarez is a CLOWN. A c**t, a cheat, a disgrace to football everywhere. I don’t understand how you can live with biting 2 players in 2 different leagues, being a PROVEN racist and playing dirty (diving, etc.). I don’t understand it. He’s a very poor model for future players and if anyone dares to defend what he’s done today and in the past, I suggest you never talk to them again. There was no reason to bite anyone in either leagues (Dutch and PL). No reason because neither player provoked him. His handball against Ghana had some logic behind it, but he still cheated and a handball is inexcusable. However, biting an opponent blows my mind. I just don’t get him at all. He’s a tosser, a mug, a c**t. I have no words for you, Mr. Suarez besides this – the Premier League will be a better league when you leave it.

5. Mikel-Ramires works well:

Stepping away from my ranting, I was impressed with how well Ramires and Mikel worked together. It was very impressive and solid from both players. I found it amazing how they cooperated throughout the whole match, it was a delightful site especially with our double pivot problems of this season.

Mikel – He and Ramires did an excellent job in denying Liverpool space through the centre of the park. Mikel made some timely interventions and used the ball well despite becoming more stretched after Sturridge’s introduction in the second half. (Goal.com)

Ramires – Aggressive in the tackle and dangerous when he was able to manouvere into space on the attack, slipping some dangerous through balls into his team-mates around the opposition penalty area. An accomplished display. (Goal.com)

As you can see, they played well and that’s always a good sign. Well done lads, well done.

Other Points :

1. Suarez doesn’t deserve POTY after this

2. Juan Mata and Hazard are brilliant when linking up

3. Good performance from Torres (effort wise)

Until next time, my friends.


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