What We Learned: Manchester United

article-2319727-19A2CD4A000005DC-842_964x386What We Learned:

1) Luiz should be the next Chelsea Captain.

2) Juan Mata is the best option for the number 10 role.

3) Cesar Azpilicueta is the best RB in the league

4) We over-played at times.

5) Howard Webb needs to be consistent.

1) Luiz should be the next Chelsea Captain.

At times in his Chelsea career we’ve seen a mad player who needs to displine himself however over the last year the influence of Roberto Di Matteo and Rafa Benitez has helped him to develop and adapt to life in the premier league. Without question he’s drastically improved over the last year, and his transition into the CDM role has worked wonders for him personally and for the team. Today he was on fire winning tackles beating opponents in the air and on the 85th minute the credentials of a leader was present when he tested Webb’s resolve. He was adamant that the ball came off Ryan Giggs and he rooted key questioned Webb. This reminded me of the days of Chelsea legend Dennis Wise.

2) Juan Mata is the best option for the number 10 role.

Today Mata was instrumental in our attack, a maestro if you will. He constantly picked out players creating chances and opening United’s defence. Of course the goal capped off a magnificent performance which saw him rewarded with the man of the match award. The way he consistently picks up the ball and ignites a counter-attack has been instrumental in our menacing attacks. He’s also built an outstanding partnership with Hazard and their understanding was obviously absent today due to Hazard’s injury. Mata is a key to unlocking a whole host of opposition’s doors, and in my opinion he should have won PFA player of the year award.

3) Cesar Azpilicueta is the best RB in the league.

All season long Dave has maintained an high standard performance wise which has resulted in him earning praise from fans and pundits alike was yet again present today. It’s clear to see that he’s adapted to life in England well and that he has a brilliant understanding of the game. Time and time again he was tackling everything in his path and his offensive approach to the game has certainly improved. He was bombing down the pitch pumping balls into the match and creating chances. Without a doubt I think he’s the best RB in the league and with time he might establish himself as a world-class player.

4) We over-played at times.

Without question we culprits of over-playing today trying to copy Barcelona’s passing philosophy. We found ourselves in offensive positions on many occasions but we squanderd our chances by over-playing. One reason I think we were over-playing because Oscar ad Mata are similar to each other. Despite interchanging both seem to enjoy passing and creating opportunities for other team members and with the absence of Hazard a person who enjoys making individual plays , both seemed to cancel each other out. The only time that this changed in the game was when Rafa brought on Torres.

5) Howard Webb needs to be consistent.

The game was a tasty affair at times, and its no surprise considering the rivalry that exists between Chelsea and Man U. The game saw many tackles made but Webb only decided to punish a few of them. Regularly in the first half Chelsea players were falling to the floor following fierce challenges from United players. Yet in the second half he was penalising challenges that were almost indentical to ones that went un-punished in the first half.

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